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Zeppelings are enemies fought in Threatenin' Zeppelin on Inkwell Isle One. They assist Hilda Berg as she fights Cuphead for her Soul Contract.


As their name implies, the zeppelings are small blimps with a mischievous expression on their face formed from a pair of angry eyes and a smile drawn on them. They have a long spindle for a nose, small fins and a propeller on their back, giving them a reference to their boss Hilda Berg. They can either be purple and lavender or green and light green, which changes how they attack


During the various phases of the Hilda Berg fight up until she enters her final phase, Zeppelings will appear from the left side, shoot bullets out of their, face and then quickly leave unless destroyed. Their colour dictates how their shots behave: the purple ones shoot one bullet at the player, which is either black or pink, and the green ones shoot four that are always black. The pink bullets can be parried. Defeating a Zeppeling reduces it to cogs that fall off the screen. In Simple mode, the green ones shoot only three. In Expert mode, they shoot five.

Unused Content[]

Zeppelings being destroyed rain down scraps, one type of scrap is pink and can be parried. It will give the player access to the unused plane laser weapon after parrying enough of them. This is changed because of parity for the game, as the developers do not want one-off gimmicks for a specific fight.


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