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"Afirm Roger Fox! Afirm Roger Fox!"
Yankee Yippers, Death Screen

The Yankee Yippers are a group of 4 puppies that are members of the Howling Aces and are fought as the second mini-bosses in Doggone Dogfight.


The Yankee Yippers are small light brown puppies with darker brown ears. They have brown shoes on and wear a yellow jumpsuit and red bracelets. They are seen with jetpacks, which have a red stripe in the phase 2 death screen of the fight.


The Yankee Yippers are always seen during the first two phases of the battle (assuming Regular or Expert). If certain conditions are met during the second phase, they will also appear during the final phase.

Phase 1[]

During Phase 1, they will assist the Bulldog by tossing three tennis balls out of a hatch in the wings of his plane. In Simple Mode, they will appear less often. In Expert Mode, the Yippers toss their balls quicker. Cuphead and company cannot attack them during this phase.

After the Bulldog's defeat, his plane will explode, leaving the Yankee Yippers to escape by using their jetpack, thus moving onto their phase. In Simple Mode, they will simply escape with their jetpacks and will not oppose to fight the player(s), thus directly skipping to the Sergeant O'Fera phase.

Phase 2[]

Death card mugshot dogfight ph2

If playing on Regular or Expert mode, they will fly down near Canteen's plane to start Phase 2. In this phase, they one have one attack, which is to shout out the letters of "BOW WOW" in which some can be parried. The Yippers will circle around the plane with their jetpacks a few seconds after their debut, with the game randomly deciding which direction to send them in. When their health hits 0, the Yippers explode in a puff of cloud, with their head and waving arms emerging from the explosion before the rest of their body appears and they fall into the background. Hitpoints = 59.5/68

All four must be individually defeated to move onto the next phase. Total hitpoints = 238/272

Secret Phase[]

When they get down to 21% or less of their health, the Yippers' jetpacks will start to produce grey exhaust smoke, and if all four have grey smoke but aren't defeated, the Dog Chinook will appear to save the Yippers by "eating" them, thus moving on with the secret phase. The Yippers lose their hurtboxes during the animation.

Death card mugshot dogfight secret

In the Secret Phase, they will appear in the paw pads along with Sergeant O'Fera. They toss pineapple grenades at the player(s) that will explode into three smaller shrapnel upon shooting it. Some pineapple grenades can also be parried. They can also be defeated here, which will result in them switching to another unoccupied hole in the paws after their health regenerates.

Upon defeat, they will appear dazed as O'Fera cries as she does in the regular phase 3 during the laser sequence and wrings out her hat. One of them will have his hands held to his head, another will perform a salute with a goofy grin on his face, a third is dangling out of his hole, and the fourth one has a disgusted look on his face.



  • The quote that the Yankee Yippers have for their second phase, "Affirm Roger Fox! Affirm Roger Fox!", translating to "ARF! ARF!," is based on the RAF radiotelephony spelling alphabet, used by British soldiers when using radios to talk to each other from 1942 to 1955. Due to the crackling of the radio, they would have to speak in separate words in order to be clear on what letters they are pronouncing and have others understand them. It is similar to the NATO phonetic alphabet and has been standardized to also use it since 1956.
    • The Yippers' RAF radiotelephony spelling message references the fact that they, the Pilot Bulldog, and Sergeant O'Fera are all dogs and dogs bark.

Inspirations and Similarities[]

  • The Yankee Yippers may be an anthropomorphized take on the puppies of Pluto and Fifi from the Disney short Pluto's Quin-Puplets.
  • Another likely inspiration for their design could be Ham and Ex from the Merry Melodies 1935 short I Haven’t Got a Hat.
  • Their letters attack may be a reference to Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars. Its dog enemies also attack by spitting out letters that spell "BOW" or "WOW", and the two even share the same typeface.
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