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Woodpeckers are enemies found in the Run 'n Gun level Treetop Trouble of Inkwell Isle One.


They are just enormous woodpeckers with a cone-shaped red head, a sharp beak, lighter-blue eyes, and green-colored extended neck. Other than their heads, the rest of their bodies are not visible.


They are located in the first section of the Treetop Trouble level where it takes place inside the log. They will appear from the ceiling and peck the ground occasionally.


Although they have an infinite amount of health and there is no way to defeat them. When the woodpecker appears, here are two options to do without receiving a chance to take damage:

  • Stop moving until the woodpecker stops pecking.
  • Dashing under the woodpecker quickly with the Smoke Bomb equipped before it pecks.
  • There is a way to stand in the middle of a hole and a Woodpecker but it has to be frame perfect.


  • The woodpeckers have a very similar appearance to Woody Woodpecker, a Walter Lantz cartoon character.
  • They also resemble Wally Warbles, a boss in Inkwell Isle Three
  • It is also possible that its color scheme was inspired by the Pileated Snagret from Pikmin 2.
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