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The Wondertart is the mystical pastry resulting from the baking of the ingredients held by the bosses of Inkwell Isle Four. It serves as the main plot-driven item in the Delicious Last Course narrative.

Chef Saltbaker introduces the item to the three heroes, after the Astral Cookie's effects wear off of Ms. Chalice, stating he came up with the idea. With one bite of the Wondertart, the user will have complete control over the astral plane, with no swapping required. However, Saltbaker tells the heroes that the required ingredients are held by the bosses in the Inkwell Isle and that they will have to fight their way to earn it.

After the heroes have retrieved all the ingredients, Saltbaker reveals his true colors, stating that the secret ingredient to the Wondertart is a living soul, capturing one of the three while the other two were out. He then goes on to explain of not using the Wondertart to bring Chalice back to life, but rather to use it for his own benefits of ruling over the astral plane.

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