"I warned you, awful isn't it? Let us change the music back before our ears turn to jelly!"

Wolfgang is an NPC character in Cuphead. He can be found in Inkwell Isle Three between the theater where Sally Stageplay is fought and the junkyard where Dr. Kahl's Robot is fought. He spites Ludwig, a gramophone found just next road.


Wolfgang is a grumpy looking vintage radio with a cylindrical yellow nose that has a bitter rivalry with Ludwig about their music taste.


He is an old-fashioned radio with black arms. He wears white gloves and aqua-green shoes. Cleverly, his golden switch also acts/gives the appearance of a nose.


Wolfgang is quite boastful and rude to people he doesn't appreciate the taste of music of. He also has a sort of rivalry with Ludwig, always boasting about his music and being rude to Ludwig. He also doesn't call Ludwig a 'friend' like he does to him, instead even calling him a fool and "a minimalist buffoon".



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