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Whippet Creampup is a character of Cuphead residing in Inkwell Isle Two and serves as both the castle and loyal pet of Baroness Von Bon Bon.


Whippet Creampup seems to be a large squared cake with whip cream on its turrets. Its mouth is blocked by Candy Canes, which often open up to release the minions. It has two eyes under its turrets. While it normally has white sclera, it will change to yellow and its pupils become more slanted when it becomes savage. Additionally, it has two large arms which have four tube-like fingers that it uses to drag itself around. It also has some mints on the back of each of its hands. The Cuphead Show reveals they actually have four rows of candy cane-like fangs that are positioned like a grinder.


Phase 2 and 3[]

After the first of the Baroness' subjects is defeated, Whippet Creampup starts to spawn a Jelly Bully out of its mouth every once in a while.

Phase 4[]

After the third subject is defeated, the Baroness comes up a wicked idea, and grins manically at the thought. She then pulls on Whippet's cream, agitating it as it turns savage. She then orders it to kill the cups. It starts crawling forward to chase the player and spawns Patsy Menthol as the Baroness keeps attacking the player. When it's defeated, it slams its hands on the ground in a fit of rage.

In Simple Mode however, Baroness does not command it to pursue after the cups, and will simply take them out using her candy cane shotgun. Upon Baroness being defeated in this mode, Whippet will be disappointed with the outcome.



  • Whippet Creampup's name is a pun on 2 food related items, "Whipped Cream", and "Cream Puff".
    • It also doubles up as a reference to Whippet being a pet dog of some kind - Whippet (a type of dog breed) and Creampup (a shortening of puppy). It also sounds like whip, which can be used to make a sled dog mush. With this in mind, Whippet Creampup is essentially the Baroness's attack dog.
    • Out of all the Baroness minions, only Whippet Creampup (and Sargent Gumbo Gumbull) have made an animated debut in 'The Cuphead Show' so far, albeit the only one being alongside Baroness Von Bon Bon: Gumbo simply serves a cameo. It is voiced by Zoe Moss.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • Creampup is similar in design and movement to the moving barn from Swing You Sinners!, a Fleischer cartoon referenced multiple times in Cuphead.
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