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"Your first parry move doubles as a damaging axe attack."

Whetstone is a charm available in Porkrind's Emporium at a cost of three coins. When equipped, it allows the player to use parries to deal damage to enemies. The Whetstone, along with the Twin Heart, is a final charm to purchase.


Using the whetstone to attack is identical to performing a parry, but it can be used on nearly any enemy or boss, dealing 16 damage. In non-airplane levels, the player can only attack once before they have to land; all subsequent parries act as normal, non-damaging parries.

It can be used to add a lot of additional damage compare to other utility charms or even Coffee, however, it requires a lot of skills and knowledge to properly parry the bosses without taking damage from the boss itself. It is not recommended for normal use as it is hard to master. It has some utility as well, with it the player(s) can jump over most bosses that constantly moves to add some mobility when they are close to you, like Goopy Le Grande, Sally Stageplay, Werner Werman, and Moonshine Mob. Bosses that have hitboxes in the background like Goopy's third phase, Beppi's second and fourth phase, and Werner's third phase can be an easy target to be axed.

This also applies to airplane levels, such as Threatenin' Zeppelin, with much more freedom to parry and it can be spammed on top of firing the weapon.

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