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For the in-game character, see Werner Werman.

"Ze name is Verner Verman. I hereby claim ownership of zis cottage and all its contents. YOU VILL LEAVE IMMEDIATE!"

Werner Werman, Rat's All, Folks

Werner Werman is a minor character of The Cuphead Show! serving as the main antagonist in the episode, "Rat's All, Folks."


Werner Werman is a brown, anthropomorphic rat. He wears a pair of greenish-brown overalls with yellow stripes on the sides, with only one strap over his shoulder. Unlike the game, Werner wears no shoes, and additionally he has a tail with a bandage on it (Although, it fell off at the end of his debut). He also wears a metal Pickelhaube helmet, white gloves, and occasionally he wears blue-tinted goggles.


Werner is shown to be a very crafty and intelligent rat, being able to outsmart and manipulate Cuphead and Mugman several times and create gadgets with little to no effort. He is also shown to be rude, careless and cruel, shown by how he spends his whole debut episode submitting Cuphead and Mugman to slapstick artilery and later using them against Elder Kettle to blackmail him for his house.

On a side note (even though it technically stands for nearly any antagonists the cups encounter), Werner isn't opposed to endangering children, as he has no problem with Cuphead and Mugman being injured by bombs. This is especially shown when he takes the boys hostage and threatens to ignite the TNT in their cups if Elder Kettle doesn’t sign the deed to the cottage over to him.


Season Three[]

"Rat's All, Folks"[]



  • Despite being German, Werner is shown to be able to speak with an American accent, whether this was just for comedic effect or implying he was faking his German accent, is unknown.
  • Werner looks a lot like Mortimer Mouse from Mickey Mouse franchise, but his personality has been confused with Jerry from Tom and Jerry.
  • Contrary to popular belief, cheese actually is not a rat's favorite food, which could explain why none of the boys' cheese tricks/traps work on Werner.
  • He was the last boss game character to be introduced in the first order of episodes by Netflix.