"My dad's the brawn and I'm all brains! Together, we bring the pain."
Wally's son, Phase 2 Death Screen

The son of Wally Warbles is a minor boss fought in the Aviary Action! level of Inkwell Isle Two. He is Wally Warbles's second phase.



Wally's son is a juvenile bird with yellow eyes, larger brain, a goofy-looking toothy smile, and feathers colored in red and blue like his father. He rides on the floating nest sporting leafs.


Wally's son is the brains of his family, according to his death screen line. To defend his smart behavior, he is shown to carry around a ray gun that he most likely invented, despite his young age. He also seems to depend on his father when he is in a sticky situation, proven when he starts crying for his father to deal with Cuphead and Mugman at the end of his phase. As suggested by his giggling whilst brandishing his ray gun, he seems to be mischievous by nature.


In this 2nd phase after beating Wally Warbles in his 1st phase battle, Wally's son will be revealed after the cuckoo clock explodes. He will float around the screen. In Simple mode, he moves slightly slower. In Expert mode, he moves faster. He is accompanied by five spiked eggs that block bullets and revolve around him. The eggs periodically expand and contract around the boss, damaging the player(s) if they touch them. In Simple mode, there will only be four eggs and they move slower. In Expert mode, there will be six eggs and they increase their speed when expanding, and reduce it when contracting.

Apart from the egg shields, he can fire a single electric bullet at the player's direct location, which can always be parried.

Once he has taken enough damage, Wally's son will cry out for help and disappear, after which the original Wally appears for a final fight. If in Simple mode, his cry for help won't be enough, as the battle just ends.


  • Wally's son resembles Woody Woodpecker's early design with the difference being that the eyes are yellow instead of green.
  • Disturbingly enough, Wally's son's voice and crying resemble that of a male toddler.
  • Wally's son could also be a reference to Stewie Griffin from the adult animated sitcom series Family Guy, as both characters are highly intelligent infants that carry a ray gun. Additionally, the gun Wally's son wields shares a similar design and color scheme as Stewie's gun in the latter's promotional art.


Description Audio
Wally's son using his pistol.
Sfx level flying bird small bird shoot
Wally's son crying.
Sfx level flying bird small bird death cry


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