Hey everybody,

For those who don't know, I'm Gsguedes and I'm the newest administrator on this Wiki. Me and the rest of the active administrators (which doesn't mean "everybody on the staff", even tho we tried to contact other staff members via Discord and those didn't agree to join us) are trying to make new rules for a better convivence and for stopping some administrators, just like the recently-demoted The8-BitFlower, from abusing their authority.

The same way we're doing this, we also want to make changes on the wiki itself, like the one I'm saying to everyone about it now: Cupheadia.

Just like the Star Wars Wiki changed to Wookiepedia, I'd like you guys to change our wiki name from Cuphead Wiki to Cupheadia. The link will stay being cuphead.wikia.comAnyway, if we do that lately, there'll be a redirect from to and everything will stay the same.

I'm officialy inviting the administrators User:CookiesAndChickenUser:LonradUser:Skate GoatsUser:Capitano Nox and User:Megabats to write on my message Wall if they agree (or not) to do that. 

Screenshot 93

Hope you guys'll like my idea, and please leave a message on my wall the fast as you can.


We contacted only those administrators because they're the only active administrators on the wiki right now. The community may also give their opinion on the comments below.