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  • A scrapped battle starting screen, where instead of saying "Wallop!", it says "Fight! or Flight".
  • The original version of the health bar, which was a happy face. The more you got hit, the sadder the face would get.
  • The boss health appearing in the upper-center of the screen.
  • An alternate background for Goopy Le Grande's boss fight. It was a forest with a pathway leading to a castle.
  • Werner Werman's charge attack but without springs.

    The Unused arcade

  • What seems to be an unused arcade for a boss to present in on Inkwell Isle Two. On further inspection, the arcade tent is almost identical to a tent in the finished game with the words "Under Construction" on it.
  • Rumors have have appeared theorizing that an unknown shadow appeared in a trailer between a shot of the Phantom Express and Rumor Honeybottoms. However these theories are all false but there is a unknown shadow in a teaser image. The image has silhouettes of Rumor Honeybottom, an early version of the Lollipop Ghouls, and the "Spaceships" from the Space Shooter minigame in the Arcade.
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Xbox One 2016 Demo[]


11 minutes of Cuphead gameplay - Xbox One demo (2016)