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The Captain (name conjectural) was a scrapped NPC meant for the Airship set of levels. It can be presumed they were the character to give you coins and give advice for the Airshio battles, but not much else is known.


The Captain appears as a tall human character wearing a captain uniform. They have big boots and spiky hair, along with a set of goggles.


Not much is known about The Captain’s personality, as we do not have any of their dialogue. It can be presumed that they may want to get rid of Jelly and his crew, or they are having a competition.


  • Their concept was reworked into the King of Games, as both serve a very similar purpose of being NPCs that assist the player in fighting the parry bosses and giving coins.
  • It’s possible that along with The Airship as a whole, more for The Captain was made.