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The Two-Mouthed Wall is a sub-boss from Funhouse Frazzle of Inkwell Isle Two.


As their name implies, the Two-Mouthed Walls appears to be large green and white checkered walls, with two mouths: one on the top half of their body and another on the bottom of the body. Each wall has a single eye with a yellow sclera in the middle. This eye's pupil becomes a cross when the Wall dies.


A pair of Two-Mouthed Walls appear in the level, the first appearing roughly one-third into the level and the second appearing at the very end, blocking the exit. While it is off-screen, the first Wall will periodically spawn rows of Toy Cars (telegraphed by the written sound effect "Honk! Honk!"), alternating between the top and bottom of the stage, which must be dodged by parrying the cards to flip to either the top or bottom.

When engaged in combat, the first Wall will continue to periodically spawn Toy Cars from its mouths. The second Wall has a different attack, telegraphed by a hand emerging from one of its mouths holding a sign that reads "Uh-Oh!" before the mouth lashes out with an extending tongue. Additionally, hands will frequently appear near the mouths and honk horns, launching red lip projectiles at the player. Only the Wall's middle section, where its eye is, will receive damage when shot. Once it is defeated, a Two Mouthed Wall will hold its mouths open agape. At this point, the player will be able to proceed past the Wall through its mouths. The player can also walk through a Wall's open mouth during its car/tongue attack, although this will likely entail taking damage unless the Invincibility Super Art is used.



  • The sounds that the two-mouthed wall makes are taken from Sneezy in the 1937 Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
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