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The Twin Popsicle Bats are fought in the Snow Cult Scuffle boss level of Inkwell Isle Four.



Twin Popsicle Bats are small bats that resemble popsicles. They have brown stubby legs that resemble the tips of popsicle sticks, blue wings coming from their sides that allow them to fly, and a central body that looks like a pair of popsicles stuck to each other. The central body can either be green, yellow, or pink. A pink twin popsicle bat can be parried. When killed, Twin Popsicle Bats explode into brown wood chunks that resemble a broken popsicle stick.


Twin Popsicle Bats spawn after Mortimer Freeze finishes his ice cube attack as a fridge in the second phase. He shivers and opens the freezer to release a group of around four Twin Popsicle Bats. They sweep down to where the player(s) is, then fly back up. They can be defeated and some of them can be parried, signalled by a pink colour. In Simple Mode, they are spawned once after the first sub-phase of the second phase ends and continues to sweep down until the end of the fight. In Expert Mode, around six are spawned at once.


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