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"Go in peace!"
Tully, Inkwell Isle 3

Tully is an NPC in Cuphead. He is a little green sea turtle that sits around in the piers near Cala Maria's boss fight in Inkwell Isle 3. When talked to, he tells Cuphead about a black and white world with pacifism, which is a hint of his sidequest.

If the player doesn't kill any of the enemies (parryable enemies are not counted) in the Run n' Gun levels, Tully will unlock the black and white filter for the game.

Passage dialogue[]

Pacifist mode not obtained (first time)[]

"You boys think your situation is a multicolor mess, don't you?
But what if I told you there was a way to see it in shades of gray?
A way that only a pacifist platformer would be able to perceive?
Would you violent little mugs believe me if I told you that?
I wonder."

1 or more run and gun level with a pacifist rank[]

"Why, I see you've managed to restrain yourselves here and there.
I'm as pleased as punch! But you can't see shades of gray yet, can you?
Not until you prove you can get by without resorting to violence"

Pacifist mode obtained (first time)[]

"Ah, you found the path of pacifism! I am quite impressed.
You shall now be able to see the world in a new light.
Go in peace!"


"Bravo! You just earned a few bonuses, look at your option menu for new visual and audio modes!"


He bears a resemblance to Cecil Turtle from Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.


In the book The art of Cuphead

In the book The art of Cuphead

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