"Who invited you into our tree? Only members are welcome, ya see?"
Treetop Trouble

Treetop Trouble is a level in Inkwell Isle One that has the player going up and through a tree. It is the second platforming level in the game, and is arguably more complex than Forest Follies, the other platforming level in this world.


Pink and orange ladybugs that either bounce or roll across the slanted path. Sometimes they come in groups. The pink ladybugs can be parried.

Enormous woodpeckers that appear from the ceiling and peck the ground occasionally.

A stack of wood. Each section attacks separately, shooting a spiky seed that is sometimes pink at the players. The pink seeds can be parried. The section on the bottom has the most health.

Beetles that slowly fly toward the player from the top of the screen.

A large insect, most likely a dragonfly due to its appearance and its ability to shoot fireballs. The fireballs it roars out destroy a random mosquito platform.


There are 3 sections in this platforming level:

1: Player/s must go up a slope while ladybugs and woodpeckers attempt to halt your progress. This requires patience and precise timing.

2: Player/s go upwards inside a tree on floating platforms while moths and stacks of wood pursue you.
Treetop Trouble

3: Player/s have to jump across little mosquitoes holding leaves. Whenever you jump on one, a fireball will appear and burn them up, removing that platform for a few seconds. At the end of this section you'll have to fight the previously mentioned antlion/dragonfly.

Defeating him or jumping and dashing over him grants you access to the end of the level.


Cuphead- Treetop Trouble - 1080p

Cuphead- Treetop Trouble - 1080p



  • The woodpeckers have a very similar appearance to Woody Woodpecker, a Walter Lantz cartoon character.
  • It was previously impossible to get an A+ in this level due to a glitch. After a patch update, it is now possible. Funfair Fever had the same fix too.[citation needed]
  • Pink butterflies are parryable, however they do not affect the player's rank at the end of the level.