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The Trampoline is an "enemy" in the Run 'n Gun level Funfair Fever.


Like the name says, the Trampoline is a living trampoline with two eyes on the jumping mat, a yellow and red striped mat, light grey triangle decorations under the edge that makes them look like sharp teeth, and black legs with brown shoes with a yellow stripe.


The trampoline is not actually an enemy, but rather helps the player(s). It does not hurt you, but when interacted with, it moves around and allows you to bounce off of it to get past the walls of the first tent. When not interacted with, the trampoline will sleep.


  • While asleep, the Trampoline will make cartoony, whistle-like snoring sounds.
  • While awake, the Trampoline will make dog noises (like more of a puppy, rather than like an adult dog).
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