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Toy Ducks are enemies fought in the Run 'n Gun level Funhouse Frazzle from Inkwell Isle Two.


The Toy Duck is yellow with blue accents. It has a screw on its head and partially deflated orange tires that it rolls across the stage with. It also has a magenta tail sticking out its backside.


The Toy Duck appears in the first hallway of the funhouse, with two toy ducklings following. One of the ducklings following can be parried. The giant toy duck can be destroyed by shooting at its head, which is its only weak spot. There is also a space between the tires where the player can crouch to avoid the leading duck.


The Toy Duck can be easily avoided by ducking underneath it, and the ducklings that follow can be shot from that position. You can also dash through the duck if you have the smoke bomb equipped. If trying to kill the Toy Duck, it is recommended to jump and shoot at its head, as it is the only part of its body that will take damage.



  • The option to duck underneath the main duck may be a pun on the word duck, as the player is ducking underneath a Duck.
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