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Toothy Terrors are enemies that can be found in Cuphead. They make their debut appearance in the Run 'n Gun level Forest Follies of Inkwell Isle One. Smaller versions of them also appear in Cagney Carnation's level Floral Fury.


Toothy Terrors are plants resembling Venus Flytraps with huge human teeth, mainly colored in black with yellow polka-dots, and sport green leaves underneath.

The baby versions in the Floral Fury level are smaller, green, and have a wider range of movement.


In the Forest Follies level, the mature Toothy Terrors jump up from pits with their mouth open, chomp vigorously, and then fall back down. They take no damage from any attack.

The baby variants in the Floral Fury level spawn from the purple seeds that Cagney Carnation shoots into the air. These heinous herbs home in on Cuphead and Mugman. Coming into contact with them results in the player getting hurt. Unlike their larger versions, these ones can be shot at and killed.


  • Toothy Terrors are most likely inspired by the Piranha Plant from the Super Mario franchise, as they share similar appearances and are both carnivorous plants attempting to eat the player.
    • The way they leap up and chomp before falling back down has a similar manner to the Lava Bubbles from the Super Mario franchise.
    • Their color scheme resembles Munchers, a small sub species of Piranha Plant. Similar to Toothy Terrors, Munchers are unable to be defeated. However, Munchers have a white dot near their mouth, whereas Toothy Terrors have multiple yellow spots all around their head, making them resemble more closely a Fire Piranha Plant or Venus Fire Trap.
  • It was referred as "Chomper" in the game files.
    • This may be a reference to the plant of the same name from the Plants vs. Zombies franchise.


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