Toast was a cut boss in Cuphead. The only time he was seen was in very early concept art for the game that might have been before the game had a prototype of some sort.



The Toast boss resembles a piece of bread. It is unknown if The Toast would have been toasted. He has a little black dot for a nose, similar to Goopy Le Grande. Toast also has lips that make a full loop around his mouth. In his phase two sprite, he becomes a flat piece of toast popping out of a toaster with his eyes being on both sides of his head, with a mouth full of sharp teeth in the center. The toaster he comes out of has legs and feet, implying that it can get up and chase the player, similar to that of Baroness Von Bon Bon.


  • One of the toast's design seem to be heavily based on the gravestones from the cartoon "Swing Your Sinners".
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