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Tutorial jump

Cuphead failing miserably to get past the pillar.

Home Sweet Home is the tutorial level of Cuphead.



A map-out of the entire level and its contents

There are some platforms with text intended to teach the player:

  • A cube platform that can easily be jumped on;
  • A cylinder platform, which requires jumping and dashing;
  • A down-jumpable platform;
  • A rectangle with a pyramid on target platform, which requires aiming and shooting;
  • Three parryable switches;
  • A cylinder and a cube platform with a dead Cuphead on it, that can be parried to revive.
  • A cube platform with a coin on it.


Version Soundtrack

Cuphead OST - Tutorial -Music-

Beta Soundtrack(Part 1)

Cuphead OST - Junkyard Jive Full -Beta Music-

Beta Soundtrack(Part 2)

Cuphead E3 2014 Trailer


  • The tutorial is on a piece of paper, suggesting that Elder Kettle drew it.
  • By using the unused Ranger weapon by accessing the debug mode or changing the game's files, it's possible for the player(s) to damage and kill themselves. The death screen that pops up says "You are not a warrior, you are a beginner." with a blank white square as the enemy/boss. The phrase is a reference to Sagat's victory quote in Street Fighter II.
  • The tutorial is infamous for its controversy involving Dean Takahashi, a game journalist who was so incompetent that it took him nearly half an hour to complete the tutorial and the first platforming level.
  • Early builds named the level "Home Sweet Home."
  • In early demos, the tutorial was a lot less designed and more of a "read this" tutorial.

    E3 2016 Tutorial with Cuphead and Mugman

  • The music for the tutorial used to be a condensed drum and piano solo remix of Junkyard Jive!
  • If you equip the Astral Cookie, you will not be turned into Ms. Chalice.