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The Ship, Phase 2 Death Screen

The Ship is a minor boss and the sentient ship of Captain Brineybeard in the level Shootin N' Lootin.


The Ship is a red wooden ship with lips and a bowsprit. The overworld sprite shows it has a big sail on a mast with a crow's nest. After its transformation, it becomes similar to a narwhal and its bowsprit turns into its tusk, with a mouth full of sharp teeth, angry eyes (which have yellow irises), and a hanging uvula that has a face.



In the final phase, players battle the Ship with its exposed uvula as its weak point. The uvula has two known attacks:

  • Its first attack involves shooting three looping fireballs that can be avoided by ducking. In Expert mode, the fireballs travel faster, but only two will be shot.
  • After spitting out the fireballs, the Ship will close its mouth and charge up before firing a giant pink laser that goes across the screen. Players can avoid the attack by parrying continuously or simply ducking underneath it.

The Barrel from the previous phase still remains and repeats what it does in the previous phase: crushing the players if they are underneath it.

After taking enough hits, the Ship is defeated as it groans in pain while tilting side-to-side with its uvula. Hitpoints = 264/448



  • The ship's death screen quote is the first to comprise of only vocals, the second being Katzenwagen.
  • The Ship's projectiles are a homage to the Red Chowmein-Conga's projectiles.

Inspirations and similarities[]

  • The Ship bears a huge resemblance to this freaky fish in the 1939 Fleischer cartoon Small Fry.
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