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For the in-game characters, see The Root Pack.

The Root Pack, individually Sal Spudder, Ollie Bulb, and Chauncey Chantenay, are a group of root vegetables and minor characters from The Cuphead Show!, serving as the titular main antagonists of "Root Packed".

Sal is voiced by Joe Hanna, Ollie by Jim Conroy, and Chauncey by Cosmo Sergurson.


Staying true to their appearance in the game, the Root Pack's design are almost identical with some exceptions. Both Sal and Ollie have slightly torn gloves, with the fingertips being seen. Sal also now dons a brown bowler hat and, unlike his fairly straightforward appearance in the game, is significantly more bulbous and thuggish-looking. Also, both Ollie's sprout and Chauncey's leaves have a darker shade of green.


The Root Pack's personalities remain somewhat the same as they are in the game.

Sal is given a few more traits, as opposed to how he only appeared rather grouchy in the game. In the show, he is the rough yet tumble leader of the trio. At first, Sal acts like a gentleman, but it's quickly obvious (unbeknownst to the boys) that it's a scam. He is also a calculating manipulator, successfully tricking the cup brothers into letting him and his companions invade Elder Kettle's garden. Sal also appears to be somewhat of a casanova, shown by how he spends the party he organised hanging with two tomatoes named Cherry and Brandy, until they leave outraged after Ollie spoils the fun by making everyone cry.

In the show, Ollie's personality remains somewhat the same from the game, where he didn't directly attack the cup brothers during his part. He is the most emotional and bashful member of the trio. He slightly furrows almost all the time except when he is happy. He is shown to be quite emotional, as Sal describes him, shown when he cries uncontrollably and unleashes an onion stench around the partygoing vegetables out of the garden. While still nice enough to feel sympathy for the people he scams, like Elder Kettle, and generally quite more friendly than the other two, he is just as a malevolent con man as Sal and Chauncey. He seems to have a habit of crying, even at obviously fake stories; when Sal lies that the three of them are orphans to prey on Cuphead and Mugman's sympathies, Ollie almost starts weeping right then and there because it's so sad.

Chauncey is a mischievous and malevolent member of the trio. He has a more off-kilter, aesthetic personality than his two friends and is shown to be zany and outrageous, as his eyes spin wildly. He has a rather strange laugh and seems to use his psychic powers to somehow conduct an orchestra.


Root Packed[]

The group appears as the main antagonists of this episode, where they sneak into Elder Kettle's shack, while Cuphead and Mugman have to look after his garden. They are then seen eating the shack's soil when the two cups catch them. Sal then manages to make up a sad story of how the three are all orphans and promise to look after Elder Kettle's garden while the two are gone. Later during the night, the three manage to crash a party in the cups' yard. This not only causes trouble for the two, but also causes trouble for Elder Kettle garden as well. The causes the two to try several tactics to end the party, include dressing up as scarecrows, call the cops, and force morning time to arrive. However, all of these fail until Cuphead and Mugman manage to get Ollie to cry, causing him to peel and get the other partygoers to cry, thus clearing up the party and restoring Elder Kettle garden. However, as a last resort, the three resort to sucking up every bit of the moisture from the garden, causing the three to become humongous. When Elder Kettle notices this, he is pleased at first, much to the Root Pack's pleasure as well, but he then gets ready to make stew out of them. Realizing this discovery, the three immediately flee the scene before they are chopped up for the stew.

The Devil & Ms. Chalice[]

The trio are teleported to an arena the Devil created to watch him and Ms. Chalice face off. They are also no longer fat from all the water they drank last time, thus implying that they got back into shape offscreen.


Each other[]

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The three vegetables seem to be good friends with one another and always stick together as a trio over the course of their appearances. Aside from a slight annoyance regarding Ollie's peeling when he starts crying from Sal and Chauncey's part, the three vegetables seem to get along very well otherwise.

Cuphead and Mugman[]

The Root Pack first encountered Cuphead and Mugman when the boys are assigned to watch after Elder Kettle's garden. Cuphead and Mugman disliked doing this as it would interfere with them watching a firework show. That's when they found Sal, Ollie, and Chauncey in the shed. Sal promised to look after the garden in favour of the cups to go to the firework display they wanted, much to the two's pleasure. However, this was only done to get the yard to themselves in order to host a party. Later, when the two found out about this, they attempted to bust the party through several means, until Cuphead comes up with an idea to feed Ollie a sob story, to make him cry, replenish the garden, and get rid of the party. The two then attempted to scram away the Root Pack, however, the three retaliated with drinking the rest of the moisture from the replenished garden.


  • The group's name is a reference to the Rat Pack, a 1950's group of entertainers, founded by famed noir actor Humphrey Bogart, comprising Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin. Sammy Davis Jr.. Peter Lawford. and Joey Bishop.
  • In the game, they, like all the Runaway Debtors, were acting in self-defense, only being hostile due to Cuphead and Mugman coming after them to collect their souls for The Devil. In the series, they're actively malicious con men who take advantage of the kindness of others to get what they want and don't seem to have any relations with The Devil.
  • Chauncey's sclera are permanently yellow in the show, unlike his game counterpart where they're white by default and only turn yellow whenever he uses his powers.
  • Horace Radiche, who was a minor (and secret) member of the pack in the game is nowhere to be found in the series.
  • Although they are known as "Sal Spudder", "Ollie Bulb" and "Chauncey Chantenay" in other Cuphead medias, their last names are never uttered in the show.