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"One by one by one by one, your chance at victory is done!"
The Pawns, Death Screen

The Pawns are a group of the King of Games' champions in the DLC. They are the first boss in The King's Leap. Their battle takes place in a hallway with a rafter on top for them to attack from, and the Knight can be faced after their defeat.



The pawns each have a round and pink head, a round nose and a wide mouth. They have a body shape similar to a chess pawn piece, with round bottoms and noodle-y blue limbs. Their armor sports a golden protector which goes around the waist. It is red on the plate with a golden diamond pattern around it. Each pawn also wears yellow shoes on their feet.


As the battle begins in the hall of the Pawns, eight of them drop down on the board above, four swing around while the other four lower their bodies. The pawns all boo at the player(s) from their perch.


Death card mugshot chess pawn

During their fight, the Pawns can drop down and run at the player(s), one at a time and more and more rapidly. More than one can drop throughout the battle and can continue to run at the player, even if they're headless.

The player(s) cannot shoot the Pawns, and must damage them by striking their heads off with their Parry Slap or Dash Parry; in co-op the Pawns needs to be parried twice as the damage dealt is halved. The pawns can be parried before they jump off of the perch if the player manages to gain enough height.

The Pawns are defeated upon having their heads removed, at which point their bodies start to shake and spasm and fall as their spirits are released and ascend like angels.



  • The Pawns' death quote could be a reference to the number of pawns having a very important role in Chess. Having much less than the opponent usually guarantees as a loss. If the pawn reaches the other side of the board, it can be promoted into any pieces, usually the queen as it is the most powerful.
  • As there are 8 pawns per player at the start of a game, there are eight pawns.
    • Their knockout animation when they are turned into "souls" is also a reference to the nature of chess, because pawns are the "soul of chess".
  • The Latin-American Spanish death quote "Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito, me llevo la victoria, poquito a poquito" is a clear reference to the popular Reggaeton song Despacito sang by the Puerto Rican singers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.
    • When translated literally, the death quote means "Step by Step, softly, I take the victory, little by little."
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