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The Light (also known as greenman in the game files) is the original design of Cuphead seen in the 2010 prototype. It has remained in the final game as an unused mini-boss that would have been encountered in the All Bets Are Off! level. The Light can only be encountered in debug mode. As it is placeholder of the main character, the use of him here is probably a tribute to the development and the final design would not look like this. As suggested by the lights surrounding him, he could have been a disco ball.


Like the scrapped boss Card, the Light's design seems to not be finalized at all and is rather jarring compared to the 1930 cartoon style of Cuphead. It appears to be a green frog or lizard wearing a black bowler hat, drawn using colored pencils.


There are six blue light beams rotating around the platforms. Three of the lights will turn yellow, red and then back to blue. Only red lights will damage the player(s) if they are not avoided. They will get progressively faster throughout the fight. For added difficulty, there are two Jareeds on the platforms that also deal contact damage.

The player would move around the platforms dodging the Jareeds and light rays, while shooting at the boss to defeat it. Due to how this fight is set up, the left Jareed will always hit Cuphead when the battle starts.

This mini-boss does not have a knockout animation. Once it is defeated it will stay as it was in battle.

In other difficulties, the lights doesn't move, there is only one floor and the four Jareed heads under the floor doesn't move as well.



  • Based on the locations of the Jareeds and the Light, as well as the "lights" coming out of the Light itself, it was presumably going to be a disco ball with the Jareeds being placeholders for dancers.
  • The Light may reference either light shows performed in casinos or the neon casino night signs.
  • A reworked version of this fight can be seen in The Delicious Last Course in the 2nd phase of the Moonshine Mob. Instead of The Light shooting beams of light, the Light Bug uses a gramophone that shoots out music notes in an almost identical pattern to The Light's and the Light Bug herself acts as the middle platform obstacle and the target for this phase..
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