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"Speaking of magic... please accept this gift, it should help!"
The Legendary Chalice, after giving Cuphead and Mugman their first Super Art.

The Legendary Chalice is a spectral NPC who looks for mystical powers in the Mausoleums. However, she has a habit of being captured by the resident ghosts, who imprison her in an urn every time.

The Legendary Chalice appears to be calling for help from within an urn once the player enters each Mausoleum level. After the player defeats all the pink ghosts, she pops off the lid of her urn prison and thanks the player, rewarding them with a Super Art: a super-powered move that requires a full Power Meter to use.

In Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, she takes on the form of Ms. Chalice: a playable character with special abilities.



The Legendary Chalice is a ghost with a light blue translucent body and a light yellow chalice as a head. She has red lipstick, a small golden nose, round eyes with long eyelashes, a black beauty mark under her left eye, and wears a pair of white gloves with yellow cuffs.

The handles, edge, and base of her chalice are golden in color, and she has light yellow circle decorations drawn around the bottom and collar of her head.

Her bright yellow striped straw acts as a halo. Unlike Cuphead and Mugman she doesn’t have a pink heart, but in her playable form when she runs out of health she has a pink heart just like Cuphead and Mugman when they die as well.

In The Delicious Last Course, her lipstick was removed to make her look more youthful.


The Legendary Chalice is a very kind and caring person, always going out of her way to help Cuphead and Mugman by finding new arts they can use. She's also very brave and/or naive, since she goes into the Mausoleums despite knowing that she can be trapped by the ghosts. She also seems to put others before herself, as while she wishes very much to become mortal again, she states that it isn't worth sacrificing her friends over it.


After completing Mausoleum I

"Gosh, I don't know how to thank you boys for saving me!
Where are my manners? I didn't even introduce myself!
I am known as the Legendary Chalice, pleased to meet you!
I was searching for magic and got trapped by those ghosts!
Speaking of magic... please accept this gift, it should help!
There are other mausoleums around Inkwell Isle, I just wonder..."

After completing Mausoleum II

"I knew if I rooted here I could find something special for you!
But I didn't know I'd get trapped again!
Thanks for saving me a second time.
Take this magical super art and I'll see if I can find you another!"

After completing Mausoleum III

"Thank goodness you came by!
Those lousy ghosts had me but good that time!
Here's the last magical super art I was able to find for you"
Well, time for me to take a powder. Good luck!"



  • Statues of various cup-headed and kitchenware-based heroes can be seen in the background near the ruins in Rugged Ridge, including one based on the Legendary Chalice when she was still alive.
    • This living form of the Legendary Chalice is temporarily summoned when Ms. Chalice uses her Super Art III, the Ghostly Barrage.
  • The quote given for Super Art I is used for the first Super Art obtained by the player, even if it is Super II or Super III.
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