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The King's Gauntlet is an event in which the player will fight all the previous champions at once. It can be accessed after beating all The King's Champions. To enter, simply talk to the King, and scroll to the option, "The Gauntlet"

The Gauntlet[]

The gauntlet has you taking on all of the King's Champions in order. If you fail on one of the bosses, you have to restart from The Pawns, though after each successful match, health is fully restored. Finishing The Gauntlet will get you the "A King's Admiration" achievement.


Wonder of wonders!
I have ne'er witnessed such unmatched strength and endurance.
I bestow unto thee the greatest gift of all--a king's admiration!

Boss Levels
Inkwell Isle One
Botanic Panic!Ruse Of An OozeThreatenin' ZeppelinFloral FuryClip Joint Calamity
Inkwell Isle Two
Sugarland ShimmyPyramid PerilCarnival KerfuffleAviary Action!Fiery Frolic
Inkwell Isle Three
Honeycomb HeraldShootin N' LootinDramatic FanaticMurine CorpsJunkyard Jive!High Seas Hi-Jinx!Railroad Wrath
Inkwell Hell
All Bets Are Off!One Hell Of A Time
Inkwell Isle Four
Gnome Way OutBootlegger BoogieDoggone DogfightSnow Cult ScuffleHigh-Noon HooplaA Dish To Die ForOne Hell Of A DreamThe King's Leap (The King's Gauntlet)