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The I Scream Man is the sixth episode of season 2 of The Cuphead Show! and is the eighteenth overall.


All Mugman wants is a little peace and quiet while Cuphead and Elder Kettle are away. Enter the ice cream man -- and his jaunty maddening jingle.


Mugman is sick, and it's the day for errands, so Elder Kettle and Cuphead go on their errand without Mugman, leaving him home alone. Upon being alone, Mugman reveals he feigned his illness to get peace and quiet to himself and read his love story while drinking his tea. Right before he gets to the kiss of the story, the song, Pop Goes The Weasel plays from an ice cream truck outside. Irritated by the music, Mugman goes outside to confront him. Mugman meets the Ice Cream Man, and though he is initially put off by his hat (which is sitting at an angle on his head), he focuses on telling him to turn off his music. The Ice Cream Man explains that he already turned off his music, and having just realized this, Mugman forgets his anger and orders a fudge pop. Mugman then tries to go back to his book, but is interrupted by the music again.

Angry, Mug!

Mugman expressing his anger

Mugman goes out and tells the Ice Cream Man that he's already been to his house, and the Ice Cream Man drives away after realizing this and apologizing. Mugman goes back to reading, and is yet again interrupted again by the music.

Thoroughly angered at this point, Mugman goes out to once again tell him to stop, but the Ice Cream Man closes all the windows and doors tight to go to lunch break, which brings mugman's temper to a quite literal boil. As he's eating his sandwich, Mugman breaks into the Ice Cream Man's truck by sawing off the roof and tackles him, demanding he fix his hat and turn off the music. The ice cream man fearfully questions why, as he "only brings joy and delicious treats". Mugman, in an act of blind rage, almost stabs him with an ice cream cone but he gets blinded by sprinkles being thrown into his eyes. The Ice Cream Man apologizes for doing so, but explains that he had no choice since he was "acting all crazy". He then starts to go on about the flavor of the day again, which causes Mugman to snap, and tells the muffin he has had it with his "flavor of the day", his face and his "stupid, crooked hat" and demands him to stop the music, fix his hat, and get out. Hurt by this, The Ice Cream Man complies and he drives away sadly. Mugman briefly wonders if he was too mean to the ice cream mean before goes back home and reads his book.

While reading his story, Sea beast, the love interest of the protagonist, portrayed by Cala Maria, rejects the kiss. The protagonist Mugbeard, portrayed by Mugman, tells her that they have to kiss due to it being a part of the story, but Cala Maria explains that they can't due to her not wanting to kiss some who had been so cruel to the Ice Cream Man, and swims away, leaving Mugbeard to cry out in dejection. After this, Mugman in real life shouts about having to apologize to the Ice Cream Man, and runs after the him. It's now nighttime, and Mugman is now in a small town looking for him. Mugman hears the music of the ice cream truck, and shouts sorry at the source of the music, which turned out to be a turkey on a tractor who simply had the song play. After she drives off, the real Ice Cream Man's truck appears. Mugman is happy to see him, the Ice Cream Man suddenly starts laughing maniacally, and drives his truck at full speed, chasing Mugman to seemingly run him over. After a bit, Mugman runs into the dock, and jumps into the water, and so does the truck. Mugman swims up onto land, and breathes heavily, before the truck somehow jumps out of the water, and the chase goes on.

Mugman runs to the cottage he lives in, and is cornered against the fence. The Ice Cream Man then gets out of his truck and approaches menacingly, but it turns out The Ice Cream Man had been chasing Mugman simply because he wanted to thank him for inspiring him to get a new slightly smaller hat. He then sees the book Mugman's reading, and spoils it for him by revealing that the protagonist dies at the end. Mugman finally has a mental breakdown and attempts to beat up the Ice Cream Man while continuously demanding he adjust his hat, though the Ice Cream man's body only absorbs his blows, thus leaving him unaffected and is instead confused at the cup's outrage, as Cuphead and Elder Kettle come back home from their errands.

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  • This is one of the 3 episodes where Mugman goes completely enraged and violently attacks someone.
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