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The Four Horsemen are minor antagonists and the scariest of the Devil's demons from The Cuphead Show!. They are characters original to the show. They only appear in "Release the Demons!" and their horses are later mentioned in "The Devil's Pitchfork".



According to Henchman, the Four Horsemen are "untamed primordial beings" who fear nothing and can easily freeze people in terror just by looking at them. Like the Devil's other finest demons (even the least-fine ones in the hay maze), they dutifully follow his instructions. Despite their intimidating appearance, they appear to be quite cheerful and fun-loving, shown when they lose their horses and had their flames put out with water after they are frightened by Mugman's horse mask and decide to leave their assignment and have fun. They mention that they love pumpkin pie. While they have much more threatening designs than anything else in the series and are described as untamed primordial beings, their horses are rather easily scared off, and they ultimately just decide to enjoy the fair.


The Four Horsemen are a quartet of four undead, primordial, flaming demonic skeleton warriors feared throughout the land. All of them have glowing red eyes and each of them rides a flaming demonic stallion with visible tendons and bones sticking out. They all look identical, yet each wields a different weapon.


  • They may be a reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. However, unlike most examples, they aren't explicitly described as being the heralds of the Apocalypse and no reference is made to their individual names or domains.
  • The designs of them and their horses are much more detailed and gruesome than the rubberhose style of the other characters, creating a menacing aura to befit their reputation as "untamed primordial beings". This just makes their horses getting scared off by Mugman's horse head and then the Horsemen taking the day off to eat pumpkin pie that much more hilarious.
  • Because they are highly designed very good, they may be some of the most detailed characters in Cuphead.
  • They look similar to the Marvel character Ghost Rider.
  • They seem pretty unafraid of finding an excuse to take the day off and come back empty-handed, thus enraging the Devil. Considering they're "untamed primordial beings", it can be assumed that he may not be able to incinerate them like he did his former first and second-finest demons. This is further indicated when they gallop out of the Hell gates, and a burst of hellfire rushes out; they're completely unaffected.