Cuphead Wiki

[tense music playing]

Cuphead: Mugman?

(switches to the scene of the bike laying on the floor, Cuphead picks the bike up)

Cuphead: Mugman?

(switches to the scene of Cuphead riding the bike home)

Cuphead: Mugman?

(switches to the scene of Cuphead walking home with the back of his head showing)

Cuphead: Mugman?

[sad music playing]

(Cuphead walking to the couch while Elder Kettle looks at him)

(Cuphead jumps on the couch face first while Elder Kettle is walking over to him worried about him)

Elder Kettle: What in the world's wrong, boy? Did you lose something?

Cuphead: (muffled in his pillow) Uh-huh

Elder Kettle: What could possibly lose make you so upset?

Cuphead: M- M- My pocket knife!

Elder Kettle: Aw, is that all?

Elder Kettle: That's easily replaceable, its not like you lost...

Elder Kettle: MUGMAN.

Cuphead: (utter shock)

Cuphead: (wailing while running out the house)

Elder Kettle: Their so emotional at this age.

Cuphead: (continues wailing)

Cuphead: [picking up bike] Don't worry, Mugsy. I'll find some other way to bring you home.

(meanwhile underground)

[a weird figure roars while menacing music plays]

[some green guys are seen grunting while bringing some rocks somewhere]

[distant screaming and shivering and moaning]

Mugman: (cheerful whistling)

Mugman: So, how long have you been here?

Random guy: [screams]

Mugman: Ya don't say? Well, I'm only here until my brother come's and gets me.

The weird figure (a green big guy): Prisoner, don't talk to the inhabitants!

Mugman: Wow! Look at them chompers! Can you even close your mouth all the way?

The weird figure: …Don't talk to me either!

Mugman: Just one more question: Is it hard for you to eat pasghetti with those?

The weird figure: Not if I… Cut it up.

Mugman: Ewww, you cut up pasghetti? Gross.

The weird figure: I SAID DONT TALK TO ME!!!

Mugman: Oh, Hey! What's this thing do?

[pulls a level]

The weird figure: Oh, No!

[the floor opens and the figure falls in the fire]

Mugman: Oops.

Mugman: Well on the bright side, now we could keep talking!

Random guy: [screams]

Mugman: So there was this one time, I found a shoe on the road, and I decided to pick it up...

Devil: If that mugs brother think that he could steal my pitchfork, he's got another thing coming

Henchman: Duh, but boss, you can't just kidnap people and bring 'em down here, its against the rules.


Devil: Half of my power's are tied up in that thing! I can't zap stuff, I can't shoot fire, I CANT EVEN TELEPORT!!!

Henchman: Well at least you can still transform-

Devil: THATS NOT AS MUCH FUN AS SHOOTING FIRE!!! It was my whole style, I was so... "Expressive" when I had my pitchfork

Devil: Now I don't even know what to do with my hands! I... Ehh heh, EHH [sighs sadly]

Henchman: Duh, you still got that big spoon with it.


Devil: Its embarrassing!

Devil: Its time to even up the score with that cup!

Mugman (very faded away) so then I picked it up!

Devil: First I'll crush his beloved brothers spirit.

Mugman (La-la, la-la)

Devil: Look at that blue nosed buffoon, This will be so easy!

Henchman: Duh, I don't know boss, wouldn't underestimate Mugman.

Devil: Oh please! I bet I could break his spirit before the clock strikes twelve.

Henchman: I'll take that bet!

Devil: What? I wasn't actually suggesting, Eh, Hmm! Alright Henchman, What's on the line?

Henchman: An all-expense-paid trip to the destination of my choice!

Devil: Deal!

Henchman: And no cheatin'

Devil: Oh, why henchman! You've cut me to the quick!

(changes to Cuphead on his tandem bike getting off and about to throw a Fizzy Jawbreaker in the pool of water, aka Quadratus)

Cuphead: Huh? On vacation!? Sorry Quadratus It's an emergency! Incoming Fizzy Jawbreaker!

(throws it in the pool of water)

Quadratus: I appreciate your summoning donation, But not while I am on vacation!

Cuphead: I'm sorry, but The Devil took my brother! I need your help to get him back!

Quadratus: Ugh, fine, Let the Pitchfork be your passport, slam it down for instant transport!

Cuphead: Sound's great. Now your talkin'

Quadratus: Although if you'd like to travel faster it take 1,000 years to master!

Cuphead: "1,000 years to master"? Yeah right, Watch this!

[slams it down]

Cuphead: [gasp]

[slams it down]

Cuphead: [gasp]

[slams it down]

Cuphead: [muffled gasp]

[slams it down]

Cuphead: …Phew! There has GOT to be another way to get there!

Quadratus: If you cannot cope with such delay, there is perhaps a risker way! Now listen carefully you will have to-

Announcer in the pool: Please insert another fizzy jawbreaker

( dial tone ringing )

( gasps ) other. And that is how you save your brother.

Wait! I had to put in another jawbreaker! I missed everything!

What? Even the part about the ancient contract of pitchfork ownership?

What's the ancient contract of pitchfork ownership?

Finders keepers, losers weepers!

( rumbling )

Finders keepers?

Well, I found it. So if the Devil wants it back, he's got to make a deal! Now, how do I get down there? And make it snappy, Quadratus! That was my last jawbreaker!

Snappy I shall make this talk if you take hold of this here chalk.

( mystical music plays )

( suspenseful music playing

( laughs )

( laughs )

Yes! Hey! How you doing, champ? Hot enough for you?

( groans )

Heh. Not too... ( gasps ) ...steamy, is it?

Nah, I'm comfortable.

( panting )

( hissing )

( wheel squeaks )

Whew! ( sighs heavily )

( cheerful music plays )

So, are you enjoying the underworld? Thinking about how you're going to spend the rest of eternity?

Just passin' the time till Cuphead comes to save me.

What? You think your brother's going to save you?

( chuckles )

He thinks his brother is going to come down here and save him!

( laughs )

"Ha-ha"? Oh!

( all laughing weakly )

( screams )

( chuckles gleefully )

Exactly how long do you think you've been down here?

I dunno. A couple of days?

Oh, Mugman, Mugman, Mugman. It may feel like that, but it's actually been 80 years. And I'm afraid that by now your dear brother Cuphead is dead!

Great, so he's here then!

What? No, he's dead. But he's not here. He's...

Not buying it.

What?! Oh! Not buying it?

Listen, I know my brother, and if he's not down here, then he's not dead, which means he's coming to save me.

( grumbles )

( Henchman vocalizing )

( gentle hula music plays )

( growls )

Quadratus: With this chalk, now draw a square. Do not delay. You're almost there.

( mystical music plays )

Now, read the inscription on the chalk. Okay. ( clears throat ) "Surface world, I'll see you later." "Down I go in this elevator."

( rumbling )

( elevator bell dings )

( door opens )

Oh! The bike!

( banging )

( grunts )

No, no, no. You have to lift up the bike. Lift-- Lift it up. No, not the back, the front! The front. ( straining ) Got it! ( elevator bell dings repeatedly ) ( groans ) ( grunts ) There. Well, here goes nothing. ( gulps ) ( bell rings ) ( flames roar ) ( ominous music plays )