Cuphead Wiki

(The episode opens with a view of the Devil's headquarters, in the morning. A knock is heard and the door opens. Henchman enters the room, pushing a tray with breakfast and a newspaper.)

Henchman: Boss! Wakey, wakey!

(Cut to the Devil, still in bed.)

Devil: [sleepy groaning noises]

(Henchman smile drops as he further enters the bedroom.)

Henchman: Aww Boss, you've been here for days. Come on, get up! Look what a beautiful day it is! (He opens the curtains, revealing several souls being tortured outside.)

Souls: [screaming in agony]

(The Devil curls back up under the covers.)

Devil: [annoyed groan]

Henchman: Aww, I know what'll cheer you up! Just listen to these headlines! "Invasive Beetles Devastate Crops!" "Meteor Hurtling Towards Orphanage!" Oooh! Meteor! "Four Horses of the Apoca-ma-lypse on the Loose!" What a time to be the Devil, huh?

Devil: [groans again]

Henchman: Hey! There's a review! Of you!

(The Devil sits up, suddenly interested.)

Devil: Huh? What's that? (He snatches newspaper) Ooh, gimme! Hm. "Once in a rare while, a figure commands our respect, summons our fears, and effortlessly tempts us into unhinged depravity." (He wags his tail) Did you hear that, Henchman? Unhinged depravity!

(Henchman gives him two thumbs-up.)

Devil: [chuckles] "For a millennia, it was clear without debate who that figure was. After a recent stirring of... Humiliating setbacks however, it is becoming blatantly apparent that the devil is LOSING HIS TOUCH?!?! A silly caricature of his once powerful self…Time to pass the walking stick to the next contender?!" IT'S A PITCHFORK!

(Enraged, the Devil throws the paper in the air and roasts it to ashes with his pitchfork.)

Devil: [enraged yell and angry grumbling]

(Henchman looks sadly at The Devil, who's curled up back in bed.)

Devil: Stupid critic, what does he know?! [angry/sad devil noises]

(Henchman smiles.)

Henchman: Hey, you know what I would do if I was you?

(The Devil lets out a groan, rolling his eyes.)

Henchman: I'd take my pitchfork and have some fun! Go to the surface, torment some souls, blow off some steam! I'm just saying, you are the Devil after all.

(The Devil scowls but then considers Henchman's words. He sits up.)

Devil: You know, Henchman, you're right. I AM the Devil. I need to get out there and be the DevilI was born to be! (jumps out of bed, in front of the shorter demon) Oh, thank you Henchman! I'm about to make a lot of people VERY miserable…

(He grandly floats out. Henchman stays silent for a moment, then grins from ear to ear.)

Henchman: [tearing up] That's my boss!

(Scene transitions to a view of Cuphead and Mugman's cottage. Cut to Cuphead sitting on an armchair with his eyes closed.)

Cuphead: Now can I look?

Mugman: [hear off-screen] Ehhh, Not yet!

Cuphead: How 'bout now?

Mugman: [hear off-screen] No, no, no, no! Wait, wait! Uhh uhh, hm— …Ta-da!

(Cuphead removes his hands from his eyes and sees a homemade tandem bike.)

Cuphead: [shrieks] YOU MUTILATED OUR BIKES!

Mugman: It's a present! I made our bikes into a tandem bike! And now we can ride our bikes together! Hehe!

Cuphead: We already DID ride our bikes together. SEPARATELY!

Mugman: Well now we can ride our bikes together… Together!! [chuckles]

Cuphead: UGH! Do we always have to do EVERYTHING together?!

Mugman: [breaks into sobs] You hate it! [continues sobbing]

Cuphead: [sighs] I should probably try it out before I judge…

Mugman: [immediately stops sobbing] Great, let’s go!

(Cuphead and Mugman speed away on the tandem bike. Mugman pedals with glee. Cuphead is significantly less enthused.)

Mugman: [excited panting] YIPEEEEEEEE! [wheezy giggling]

(The scene cuts to a distant view of The Inkwell Isles. Classical music is playing over the sun beaming down on the peaceful city. The Devil poofs in on a hill. He breathes in some fresh air and poofs out of sight. Montage of The Devil's mischief; He sits on a fence near some children and uses his tail to pop their balloons.)

Kids: [weeping]

Devil: [Maniacal laughter]

(A little old lady sits on a park bench, feeding the pigeons. The Devil enters the frame from behind her. He zaps a pigeon, which grows into a giant mutant pigeon. The pigeon eats the old lady.)

Old Lady: [screaming noises]

(The Devil poofs to the top of a stop sign. He changes all the STOP signs at an intersection into green GO signs. The cars swerve and crash into one another.)

Devil: [delighted high pitched giggling]

(Next, The Devil appears in his dragon form, chasing people and breathing fire everywhere.)

Townspeople: [screaming noises]

(Fade to black; Scene opens back on the hill later. The Devil is sitting at the top of the hill, contentedly leaning against a tree. In front of him, Inkwell city is on fire.)

Devil: [happy sigh] Lost my touch? I think not! [giggles]

(A 'Ding!' sound is heard. The HQ elevator appears from below. Henchman steps out.)

Henchman: Hiya boss! So, how’d it go?

Devil: [cracks knuckles] It was great! I feel like my old wicked self again!

(The Devil joins him in the elevator.)

Henchman: Details! I want details!

Devil: [lightly chuckles] Very well, Henchman! First I tortured some children… Then I blew up… [fades out]

(The elevator closes and disappears. Scene pulls back to reveal the Devil’s pitchfork– that he forgot– leaning against a tree. Meanwhile, on a rural road, Cuphead is leaned back and reading a comic book.)

Cuphead: Y’know what, Mugsy? I take it aaallll back! This is some great bike!

(Mugman is doing all the pedaling.)

Mugman: [breathless huffing and puffing]

Cuphead: Hey, uhh… You mind pedaling faster? I could use, uh, a little breeze back here.

Mugman: Heh! A breeze, huh? You know what? You’re a real pain in my—.

Cuphead: [cuts him off] STOP!! LOOK!!

Mugman: Huh?

(Mugman skids to a stop and they see the Devil’s pitchfork.)

Cuphead: Is that what I think it is?

Mugman: It can’t be...!

Cuphead: Ohhh, but it is!

(Cuphead hops off the bIke and moves toward the pitchfork, reaching for it.)

Mugman: WAIT! Don’t touch it-!! [whispers] What if only the Devil can use it?

Cuphead: But… What if ANYONE can use it?

(Cut back in the Devil’s headquarters. The elevator doors open. An upbeat, refreshed Devil emerges along with Henchman.)

Devil: Ohh! The sound of screaming! AhahaHA! Oh, what a delicious day. Ah, precious memories! Just me and my pitchfork…

(The Devil reaches over but nothing’s there.)

Devil: Uh…. uh…. uh!! Where is my pitchfork? Guh… Uh, uh….. Ohh!

(It dawns on him: he left it behind! We hard cut to the wooded area. Tin cans are lined up on a log.)

Cuphead: Ready… Aim… Fire!

(The entire log explodes. Cuphead has also toppled over from firing the massive pitchfork.)

Mugman: WHOOOAAA! (rushes towards his brother) Are you okay?

Cuphead: [groans] Yeah, this thing sure packs a wallop. I think we’d have more control if we BOTH held onto it.

Mugman: Funny… [huffs haughtily] I thought you didn’t WANT to do everything together!

Cuphead: Did I say that?

Mugman: [sassily] Mmhmm!

Cuphead: Well, if it makes you feel any better, there isn’t anybody else I’d rather go around blowing up stuff with!

Mugman: Aww gee, Cuphead…


Mugman: Yeah!!

(And with that, the scene cuts to the woods. They run through, blowing stuff up, having the time of their lives.)

Cuphead and Mugman: [crazed laughter]

(Meanwhile, back in the underground, the Devil frantically looks for his pitchfork. He looks under his throne cushion. Nothing’s there.)

Devil: It’s not under here. (looks behind throne) Ohh, It’s not back there! Where… is it?! [pants] Did… Did I have it with me in the elevator?

Henchman: D’uh, I don’t know.

Devil: Well look around! FIND IT!

Henchman: D’uh, calm down.

Devil: AAGH! YOU calm down!

Henchman: Well, let’s retrace our steps. Where did ya have it last?

Devil: Gahh… Well… I mutated some pigeons in the park, and then I went to the zoo and released all the carnivores, and then I set the city on fire…and then… and then– <gasp!> OH! I left it against that tree!

(Meanwhile, Cuphead and Mugman explode all the trees in the forest.)

Cuphead and Mugman: [insane giggling]

(While they’re riding it, the pitchfork levitates in the air.)

Mugman: Hah-!

Cuphead: Ooooh, this is new!

(Cuphead and Mugman fly off on the pitchfork as the Devil’s elevator suddenly appears in the field. The Devil and Henchman step out and see that the pitchfork is not there.)

Devil: Oh! It was right here! I’m sure of it!

Henchman: [looks around] Woow! Nice work boss! You really, uh… Burnt everything up!

(The Devil turns around and follows his gaze.)

Devil: I didn’t do that! Which means… Someone has my pitchfork! [growls]

(Cuphead and Mugman are flying from behind the Devil, far up in the sky. The Devil doesn’t see them.)

Cuphead and Mugman: [more giggling]

Cuphead: Woooah! Aaahhh!

Mugman: I can see my house from here! Hehe! [laughs]

Cuphead: Hey Mugsy, I wonder what else this thing can do!

Mugman: Well, there is something I’ve always wanted to try!

(Cut to the inside of a very fancy restaurant. Mugman uses the pitchfork to twirl a big bite of spaghetti.)

Mugman: [happily humming] (shows off spaghetti) Eh? Eh? [giggles] [chewing]

Cuphead: THIS is what you’ve always wanted to try? Gimme that!

(Cuphead grabs the pitchfork and zaps around the restaurant. A ham grows on an eyeball and glares at its diner.


(Cuphead zaps diners’ spaghetti. They all come alive, now with the blinking meatball eyeballs.)

Cuphead: [maniacal laughing]

(Across the room, the angry ham eyes its diner hungrily. The ham attacks the diner and latches onto his face. Then, a spaghetti monster attacks a horse diner.)

Horse diner: [screaming]

(Another spaghetti monster attacks a pear girl.)

Pear girl: [high pitched screaming]

(Sherman’s spaghetti springs up and latches onto his face.)

Sherman: [muffled struggle walla]

(Doris looks on, offended.)

Doris: So, are you gonna introduce me to your little friend?

(Cuphead and Mugman watch as the food continues to attack.)

Diners: [terrified screaming]

Cuphead: Uh… Maybe we should go…

(The two cup brothers exit casually.)

Cuphead: Mugsy, ol’ boy, earlier today, when you mutilated our bikes, you did something nice for me. Now, I wanna mutilate something nice for you.

(Cut to a field; Cuphead is carving something with the pitchfork while Mugman faces the other direction.)

Mugman: C-C-Can I look now?

Cuphead: Not yet! Almost there…

Mugman: Uh… How ‘bout now?

(Mugman takes his hands off his eyes and stares ahead in shock.)

Mugman: C-c-c-c-Cuphead!

Cuphead: Patience…!

(Cuphead continues to blast away with the pitchfork. After firing a final zap, Cuphead smiles.)

Cuphead: TA-DAA!

(Scee cuts toi reveal he’s made a Mount Rushmore of Mugman. A Mount Mugman.)

Cuphead: It’s “Mount Mugmore”! What do you think?

Devil: [heard off-screen] Very nice.

(The Devil stands right behind Cuphead, having caught up with the two brothers, along with Henchman.)

Cuphead: Aww, thanks Devil. But actually I, uh— THE DEVIIIIIIIIL!!

Devil: I believe you have something of mine? Hand it over.

Cuphead: U-Uhh... Okay, sure.. uh… Sorry! We-we- we were just horsin’ around, y’know?

(The Devil reaches for it and the pitchfork zaps him.)

Devil: Gimme tha— OWOWOWOWOWOW!! Aaahh– Aahh!

Cuphead: Oh, wow. Sorry! Th-th-that was an accident. Here!

Devil: [exhales] Gimme tha— OWOWOWOWOWW– OHH! Ohhhh! Uughh…! [angry Devil noises] [screaming] OOH!! OHH!! OHOHOHH! Ohh!! [angrily growls]

(Cuphead realizes what he has in his hands. He gives a mischievous smile. He holds out the pitchfork to the Devil again, and…

Devil: OOWOWOWOWWOWOWOW! ABABKAJSDLFJSDLFKJDS WOOWhowow-!! [high pitched panting which lowers into a growl again]

Cuphead: Okay! Okay! Sorry! Really! Seriously! H-Here you go!

(The Devil reaches out only to get zapped again. He blinks, then quickly shakes his head.)

Devil: Haah-! Agghh, you’re doing that on purpose!!

Cuphead: Uh…uh!

(The Devil reaches out and gets zapped once again. Cuphead lets out a loud, hearty laugh.)

Mugman: [suppressed giggling] (realizes the Devil is looking at him) Oh!

(The Devil looks at them both, rage building.)

Devil: [growls] You think this is FUNNY? You think you have the upper hand? Just because you have my pitchfork AND your soul debt has expired? [gasps]

Henchman: [smacks his face] D’ohhh…

Mugman: Uh… Expired soul debt?

(Mugman marches over between Cuphead and the Devil.)

Mugman: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold it! Stop everything! Did you just say… Expired soul debt? He just said expired soul debt.

Cuphead: Wait, wait. Lemme get this straight– I no longer owe him my soul… And I have his pitchfork?

Devil: [slaps face] Ohh! The humiliation!

Cuphead: Oh, wow. Now this is just sad. I mean, it’s not even fun anymore. Here. You should have this. It belongs to you.

(Cuphead hand him the pitchfork. This time, the Devil hesitates to take it.)

Devil: And you… you won’t zap me?

Cuphead: Nope! I promise.

(He reaches out and gets charred once more.)


Cuphead and Mugman: [burst into laughter]

(Henchman watches the scene, nervous.)

Henchman: Aww geez…

(After they are done laughing, the two brothers realize that the Devil is nowhere to be seen. His voice echoes through the forest.)

Devil: [echoes] You have taken something of great value to me… so I shall take something of great value to you!

Cuphead: Pfft! There’s nothing you can take from me that I care about.

(Cuphead turns and sees the Devil has indeed taken something of great value from him; Mugman.)

Devil: Say goodbye to Cuphead!

Mugman: [frightened] Goodbye to Cuphead.

(The Devil laughs evilly as he, Mugman and Henchman descend in the elevator, leaving a horrified Cuphead standing in the woods alone, devastated.)

Cuphead: [shocked] Mugman...?

(Scene cuts to black.)