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The Devil's Pitchfork is the thirteenth and finale episode of season 2 of The Cuphead Show! and the twenty-fifth overall.


The Devil goes to have some fun by terrorizing the inhabitants of the Inkwell Isles. After the Devil misplaces his pitchfork and forgets about it though, Cuphead and Mugman find it and use it for fun by blowing stuff up and making inanimate objects come to life.


One morning in the Underground, Henchman enters the Devil's bedroom with breakfast and a newspaper to see that the Devil is still curled up in bed and upset after three days because he is no longer able to collect Cuphead's soul because he missed the deadline. He attempts to cheer him up by reading the headline of the newspaper, but this does not work, and the Devil simply ignores it, until he hears a review about him, and how his touch is getting frantically weaker and says that his pitchfork (mistaken for a walking stick) should be passed onto someone new, thus angering him and using his pitchfork to roast the newspaper. Henchman then encourages the Devil to cause mischief around Inkwell Isles and thus finally cheered up the Devil and he goes out to do so.

Meanwhile, at Cuphead and Mugman's house, Mugman surprises Cuphead with a homemade tandem bike, which is simply both their separate bikes attached together, much to his dismay, as he lashes out at Mugman for having to do everything together. Mugman then breaks down sobbing, before Cuphead then decides to try out the bikes, thus cheering Mugman up, and the two the ride their bikes out of the house.

Meanwhile, the Devil is having fun terrorizing citizens across the Isles and finally becomes pleased that he is finally becoming his old self again, as he explains it to Henchman. However as he is traveling back to the Underground, he forgets his pitchfork, which is laying against a nearby tree. Cutback to the brothers, Mugman is frustrated with Cuphead due to having to pedal the tandem bike himself, while the latter is seen laying back and reading a comic book. However, the two stop as they notice the pitchfork lying against the tree, causing Cuphead to walk up to it, as Mugman warns him. Back in the Underground, the Devil is feeling fresh and walks over to his throne, as he makes a remark of causing trouble around the isles with his pitchfork. However, he looks over to find out that his pitchfork is missing, much to his shock.

Cuphead is then seen attempting to knock down a line of cans and bottles that are on a log with the pitchfork. He is then amazed by the powers of the pitchfork and he decides to blow stuff up with Mugman before they happily dash through the forest, blowing up trees. With the Devil, he is looking around his throne room for his pitchfork, when he decides to retrace his steps. That is when he realizes that he left it lying against the tree. Back to the brothers, they are revealed to have blown up half the forest, when suddenly, the pitchfork starts to levitate, then go flying. Afterwards, the Devil and Henchman arrive at the spot where he left his pitchfork. That is when he realizes it gone, before being aware of someone currently possessing his weapon.

With Cuphead and Mugman, they are seen flying through the sky, Mugman has the idea of going to an Italian restaurant, to use the pitchfork as an actual fork. Cuphead, then snatches the pitchfork and proceeds to zap the other diners' food into becoming sentient monsters, which then attack them. Cuphead and Mugman then sneak out of the restaurant to avoid being caught.

Being prideful of Mugman fusing their bikes together, he wants to do something nice for him by going to a nearby mountain and zapping it with the pitchfork, thus creating four heads that resemble Mugman, in which he names it as "Mount Mugmore." That is when it is revealed that the Devil (and Henchman) caught onto the brothers' act. Being angered by them, the Devil forces Cuphead to hand back his pitchfork, resulting in Cuphead zapping him several times in self-defense. The Devil, then becomes infuriated, to the point where he accidentally blurts out that Cuphead's soul debt already being expired, much to the other three's shock. Realizing this, Cuphead seems to have a change of heart, finally letting the Devil have his pitchfork back, when suddenly, he give him one last zap, causing the brothers' to laugh at his misfortune.

After they are done laughing, they realize that the Devil is gone. The Devil's voice then echos, stating that Cuphead has taken something from him of great value, then he shall takes something from him as well. While Cuphead is not concerned at first, saying that there is no such thing, it is then revealed that Devil has indeed taken something of great value from him; Mugman. The Devil laughs as he, Mugman and Henchman descend in the elevator, leaving a horrified Cuphead standing in the woods alone, devastated. The episode ends, leaving it a cliffhanger.





  • The episode was revealed a few minutes after Netflix announced that the rest of The Cuphead Show episodes would be released on August 19 as an exclusive table read, featuring Tru Valentino, Frank Todaro, Luke Millington-Drake, Dave Wasson and Cosmo Segurson. The voice actors had a hard time staying serious, especially because of Luke making them laugh with his interpretation of the Devil.
  • Sherman and Doris from the episode, "Ribby and Croaks", make a cameo in the restaurant scene, where Sherman gets attacked by a spaghetti monster while on their date.
  • When Cuphead zaps the Devil, the Devil's fur colour greatly resembles that of his video game counterpart.
  • The Devil's tricks of mischief throughout his rampage include:
    • Using his tail to pop some children's balloons (which he describes as "torturing some children").
    • Mutating some pigeons in the park at the expense of an old lady.
    • Changing all the STOP signs at an intersection into green GO signs, causing the cars to swerve and crash into one another.
    • Releasing all the carnivores from the zoo, though it is not shown on-screen.
    • Chasing townspeople in his dragon form, consequently setting the city on fire.
    • An unknown diablerie with him blowing something up (though he could actually be referring to his first antic of blowing up the children's balloons).
  • When Mugman sees the Devil, he gasps and stutters the same way he did when they first met in "Carn-Evil".
  • Unlike in previous episodes, "Thank you, Henchman." is said in a genuine manner rather than sarcastically.
  • Cuphead's gift for Mugman near the end of the episode, "Mount Mugmore", is an obvious parody of Mount Rushmore.
  • Another piece of music from the game appears in this episode - this time, "Carnival Kerfuffle", the theme of Beppi the Clown's boss battle. However, instead of being attached to Beppi, it's used during the Devil's evil-doing rampage. This could be a nod to one of The Devil's soul stealing tactics in the show; a carnival.
  • This episode was originally the Season 1 finale.
  • In light of the cliffhanger ending, the instrumental version of the theme song is replaced by ominous organ music that signatures the bad ending, due to the fact that the Devil captured Mugman.
  • The car on the cover of the comic Cuphead reads while on the bike is modeled after the toy car enemies in "Funhose Frazzle".
  • Although the Devil says he can't make fire without his pitchfork in the next episode, he ignites when Henchman tells him to calm down.
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