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For the in-game characters, see Imp and Purple Demon.

The Devil's Imps are the Devil's minions and minor characters of The Cuphead Show!


The Devil's imps are small black demons with red or purple noses, devil tails, orange horns, and yellow eyes with red pupils. They also wear a pair of yellow gloves. While some of them are depicted with wings, they all look a lot like the Devil in terms of appearance, unlike their in-game counterparts. In "Sweater Off Dead", aside from their regular headphones, they're all briefly seen wearing party hats. Their black skin colour are somehow different from each other, from normal bluish black to really black. Some of them have long eyelashes, implying that some of the demon imps may be females. On quite a few occasions, male Imps are mostly depicted with purple noses, while female Imps are often depicted with red noses.


The Devil's minions are shown to be intellectual, hardworking, and dedicated to their tasks, and obey to their boss' orders without question. Although the Devil doesn't give them credit for the work they do, neither of them is bothered by his conceitedness if it means they get to take a break and simply go with it. At times, they can be rather snarky and witty; despite their otherwise decently positive relationship with him, the Imps don't shy away from occasionally pushing the Devil's buttons, directly shown when they openly express their disinterest for the theatrical arts after their boss holds a performance for them by sleeping during his play, with one of them even joking about how they appreciated the nap more than the Devil's performance. The Imps also heavily dislike having their lunches stolen from the Underworld's community refrigerator.



The imps are managing the Soul Bank before the Devil starts singing and even join in the chorus.

Sweater Off Dead[]

One of the minions is touring the Devil and Henchman in the Gluttony Department, while numerous others are seen working in the background, before the Devil holds a party in celebration of collecting souls. They then joins in on a conga line from the Devil after he tries to get rid of Stickler. After the Devil has to go out to collect Cuphead's soul, they all exchange confused looks. In the end of the episode, the Devil tries to continue the party but Stickler tries annoying him again, so he destroys his ledger causing him to do a full recount and kicks him out of the party before exclaiming "Who still needs cake, huh?".


The Devil[]

Although the Devil gives no credit to his employees for their grueling work, his minions don't seem to mind their boss' conceited nature if it means they can finally take a break after 3000 years (according to one of the workers). In fact, they actually seem to admire him and become a bit upset when the Devil has to go out to collect Cuphead's soul during the party. The Devil might actually hold some respect for his Imps, such as when Stickler tries to derail the celebrations to convince the Devil to collect Cuphead's soul; the Devil ignores him in favor of starting a conga line, eating deviled eggs, and cutting a cake and never takes out his wrath on any of the demons, instead sullenly agreeing to go to collect the debt. Additionally, it's shown in "Cupstaged" that he holds stage shows for his demons, though they don't share his enthusiasm for the theatrical arts. Even so, a couple of them appear with him during his audition for Sally Stageplay's performance. As a form of respect, his minions usually address him as "sir" and speak to him in plural.


The imps serve the Devil along with Henchman, however, their relationship beyond that is currently unknown. Still, they happily join him in on a conga line from the Devil after he tries to get rid of Stickler, which might indicate that they do get along.


Nobody in the Underworld really likes Stickler and even the minions seem a little peeved at his presence in the party. Several dozen of the Imps sigh in relief that their break isn't interrupted as the Devil resumes the party antics and Stickler leaves, implying that they do not have a kind heart for the auditor.



  • They are based off of the imps and purple demons that appear during the Devil's boss fight in the game. Contrast to their in-game counterparts, they all look identical to the Devil in the show.
  • According to leaks from the Devil's song, the Imps originally had red fur.
  • In "A Very Devil Christmas", it's revealed that the Imps don't actually have names and are referred to as numbered demons.
  • A running gag in Season 3 has the Devil blasting any imp who annoys him into a pile of ash.
  • Their role is quite similar to the Minions from the Despicable Me franschise, being both loyal to the antagonist of the franchises (for the Minions, Gru; for the Imps, the Devil) and intellectual in numerous aspects. The difference is that their boss, as well as the Imps themselves, don't get redeemed, unlike Gru and the Minions, and remain evil.