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The Elevator is a machine of transportation that regularly appears in The Cuphead Show!. It vertically transports people between the surface and the Underworld. It is owned by the Devil and is usually managed by Henchman.


The elevator has a black and dark blue exterior with a slightly darker-coloured patio door, and a yellow and red circle resembling the demons' eyes on top. The interior consists of pale and dark red tones. While it has automatic positioning of the floor on which the cab stops, it also seems to be controlled by a lever. Like most elevators, it is a rather tight space, and as a result, one can fit in large objects, like bicycles, with difficulty.


While the elevator is primarily located in the Underworld, it can dig upwards back up and then back down at any time. It is commonly used for the Devil and other demons to get up to the surface world. When the elevator arrives on the surface, it emerges surrounded by flames. The Devil commonly uses the elevator to summon people such as his victims (e.g Ms. Chalice) or minions (e.g King Dice) to the Underworld from the surface. It can also be used by individuals other than demons. The elevator can be summoned by the chalk created by Quadratus; the person has to draw a square drawing on the ground, which glows before revealing the elevator from below.


  • It has been given the nickname "Hellevator" (a play-on word of the "hell" and "elevator") by a large part of the fanbase.