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The Cuphead Show! Countdown was a game by StudioMDHR and Netflix. It was made as a way to market The Cuphead Show!. It's about Cuphead and Mugman finding the souls that The Devil took.

As of September 2022, the site now redirects to an error page. it is no longer possible to go on this site.

Soul Missions and Suprises[]

Chapter 1: Half Baked[]

# Soul Mission Surprise
1 Watch The Cuphead SHOW TRAILER! E497c906-6be4-4618-8f8c-3e36a6ccf5b4 Surprise1-1
2 Follow Us on TWITTER! 3ea335ea-337e-4ad5-91fd-02bee7d1ad1a Surprise1-2
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5 Tweet @CUPHEADSHOW B8faac35-5fa7-4a32-b9c7-7a1dc2a48792 Surprise1-5
6 Subscribe to the r/Cuphead SUBREDDIT! 5494ed28-7ec7-476a-8cdf-52c0dd1b43a3 Surprise1-6
7 Ask Cuphead & Mugman A QUESTION! C673abc9-9691-4dd4-b239-0cf750f93f42 Surprise1-7
8 Color This Image and TWEET IT @ US! Fc40ce85-01c6-4e3a-842c-b4d0c3b0b124 Surprise1-8 sm
9 Color Some More and SHARE IT AGAIN! Surprise1-9-1
Find the hidden code! - Hint

Code: hot dawg


Chapter 2: All Bark No Bite[]

# Soul Mission Surprise
1 Tag a Pal so They can Watch THE TRAILER! 4283bc0d-3280-41df-9268-b043bc2935a8 Surprise2-1
2 Rewteet THIS! 85b176bb-f4c0-4f9b-9a12-2e594b90ecce Surprise2-2
3 Comment on this POST! 460c90a7-ac7f-4747-b135-a936a0709346 Surprise2-3
4 Like this Post and TAG A FRIEND! B97fcf7f-3530-4737-b49b-43be25a59e17 Surprise2-4
5 Tell us Your Favorite Cuphead CHARACTER! De8ab957-7cf7-461b-9350-a826de6b8fd6 Surprise2-5
6 Sniff out the Devil on R/CUPHEAD! Ae7c4759-e906-4a6b-88a6-950a59c18b32 Surprise2-6
7 Ask King Dice a Question on TWITTER! C316d88d-eade-44e6-98b8-78705b9609a6 Surprise2-7
8 Roast CUPHEAD! F683a32c-01ff-4f2d-ae9a-1842382ae655 Surprise2-8
9 Upvote this POST! Surprise2-9-1
Find the hidden code! - Hint

Code: r011 th3 dic3


Chapter 3: Dog Eat Dog[]

# Soul Mission Surprise
1 Share the Cuphead SHOW TRAILER! 2c0a4de0-80e1-44f8-86c2-3888fd2a50ed Surprise3-1
2 Reply to THIS! A7329c8f-39a7-4e1f-9ba4-d8608878c1b5 Surprise3-2
3 Share this POST! 6e0e7c70-7cdf-48bf-9865-0644744a17ff Surprise3-3
4 Watch our IG Story and Vote in THE POLL! Fed19d98-561f-4ca1-9fb4-dc1fdabc89b0 Surprise3-4
5 Ask Elder Kettle A QUESTION! 5133f8f7-31d0-41d0-b3c4-674d774fbb72 Surprise3-5
6 Sniff out the Devil on R/CUPHEAD! 1ac1ae58-dcfd-4ec7-99d8-121ab2d24b2e Surprise3-6
7 Tweet us Your Devilish DRAWINGS! 4681b649-91e6-45e4-a780-3cceeda450b4 Surprise3-7
8 Make @CupheadShow laugh WITH A MEME! 26d4c053-b982-4700-9172-10a8212616d0 Surprise3-8
9 Color This Image and TWEET IT @ US! Surprise3-9-1
Find the hidden code! - Hint

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Chapter 4: Cup Half-Empty[]

# Soul Mission Surprise
1 Watch and Share the SHOW TRAILER! Ae319984-2497-4a37-b12d-9934ea3d127c Surprise4-1
2 Retweet THIS! 0450587f-0fbf-4eb0-9f3f-d440a508e289 Surprise4-2
3 Tag a Friend in the COMMENTS! 7819d3ad-198c-4122-a653-7a9dabfaa2d2 Surprise4-3
4 Comment on this POST! 9734649b-34a9-44fb-8d48-2953a86b907c Surprise4-4
5 Ask the Devil a QUESTION! F9b0805e-e580-44d3-9c70-d03913fe8943 Surprise4-5
6 Vote in this POLL! 656da32e-5307-417e-ba61-a1a70f592c4b Surprise4-6
7 Share your #Cuphead Fan-art on TWITTER! E7535901-0b53-4b75-81dd-15c04f0def85 Surprise4-7
8 Recruit someone to watch CUPHEAD Fe4556b6-1b34-463e-ad70-e4dcbd8649cc Surprise4-8
9 Vote in our Instagram Polls THIS WEEK! Surprise4-9-1
Find the hidden code! - Hint

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Chapter 5: Keep On Buzzin[]

# Soul Mission Surprise
1 Watch the First Episode of THE SHOW!
2 Reply to THIS! 38ae883c-d3ea-4410-b8ec-624f0c30aeea Week5-2
3 Like this POST! 35c69544-035a-4d5f-b1b2-672cc3c1f54b Week5-3
4 Dance with YOUR STORY! 4a74a3aa-f1d7-4b46-a116-d800b73bf59e Week5-4
5 The DEVIL! 9cf2b159-be28-4e4d-8b43-c528797f188d Week5-5
6 Finish the SHOW! 22a36e58-f54f-453c-99d9-af4362d7f2ae Week5-6
7 Help Answer this TRIVIAL POLL! B2d1bf0a-3ab3-44c6-b5f5-8bdf0d3517e6 Week5-7
8 Help Answer this TRIVIAL POLL!
9 Help Answer this TRIVIAL POLL! Week5-9-1
Find the hidden code! - Hint

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Chapter 6: Through The Ringer[]

# Soul Mission Surprise
1 Go Watch The Cuphead Show ON NETFLIX! 1c986d13-9012-4043-8dd8-45fcb670afac Surprise6-1
2 Retweet THIS! 1795e5f5-b0a6-4e8c-96d1-481eb9224939 Surprise6-2
3 Comment on THIS POST! 0eeb4fb6-5efc-4771-9896-6a5c6dfe5ac6 Surprise6-3
4 Tag a Friend in THIS POST! 1a1709d9-2efd-44f5-951b-abb4b3a81ff0 Surprise6-4
5 Give us Your Honest OPINION! 4189144c-60fb-4ad5-9435-7136e6e594e6 Surprise6-5
6 Finish the SHOW! 0a498612-be06-4c04-980c-15ec19551c90 Surprise6-6
7 Help Answer this TRIVIAL POLL! 6d4fe757-eb08-416c-9d57-9026d0b7c1a3 Surprise6-7
8 Help Answer this TRIVIAL POLL! 85e011e8-f375-4f93-b416-328419189792 Surprise6-8
9 Help Answer this TRIVIAL POLL!
Find the hidden code! - Hint

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D04d0cd0-6637-4a87-861b-ee21d3449326 Surprise6-10