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"I've got you beat from every angle!"
The Bishop, Death Screen

The Bishop is one of the King of Games' champions in the DLC. He is the third boss in The King's Leap, and his battle can be accessed upon The Knight's defeat. Cuphead and his friends battle him in the chapel.



The Bishop has the overall appearance of a priest.

He wears a red robe with yellow diamonds. He holds a studded staff on his right hand. It has gems on the cardinal direction, four circles in its head forming a clover shape, and a gem in the middle. His headwear makes him resemble a bishop chess piece, with a long nose and high cheek bones. Defeating him turns his head into a pipe organ. The Bishop can separate his head from body, which splits into three, and can fly in midair and spin around.


As the battle begins in the hall of the Bishop, the Bishop raises his arms to send the candles into battle and his three heads appears near the head before it briefly vanishes and reappears on the battlefield.


Death card mugshot chess bishop

During his fight, the Bishop lights up some candles and his heads fly around diagonally. The heads shoot out bells which then fly towards the player while his body stays in the background swinging and dancing. Every time he takes damage, some candles light up again and his body reacts and recoils. Hitpoints = 18

As he has taken the second and fifth hit, his head teleports away briefly, then comes back moving in a different pattern, moves faster, lights up more candles, and shoots out bells more rapidly each time. Hitpoints = 32; 27
After the eighth hit, he comes back and lights up all the candles. Hitpoints = 13

The player(s) cannot shoot the head, and must damage them by Parry Slap or Dash Parry, when they turn pink after all candles are put out by touching them.

After he is defeated, the Bishop's heads become injured, their eyes spin around, and their hats turn into organ pipes and their teeth turn into piano keys. The body in the background raises his broken staff in the air while his left hand is on his chest as if he was suffering from a heart attack.

The Bishop takes 12 parries to defeat with two players.

Unused Content[]

The Bishop has two versions of unused content for his fight, A and B.

The A version has his hit points set to a value of "9" (most likely 9 hits before parry damage in these challenges were set to deal 10 damage each), and has platforms similar to The Light.

The B version has a hitpoints of 100, either it is the default value or it takes 10 hits, this fight requires the player(s) to parry some projectile (a birdie, or shuttlecock as referred to in the code) back at him, similar to The Rook.



  • The Bishop is the only Champion fought in The King's Leap who beheads themself willingly, as only his head can touch Cuphead and co while his body from the shoulders down is intangible.
  • The Bishop's death screen line references how in real chess, the bishop can only move diagonally, covering the four angles of the chessboard.
    • The positioning of the candles in his stage also reflects this.
  • The three faces of the Bishop could be a reference to the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as well as certain Christian paintings that depict Jesus with three faces.
  • The organ key teeth that the Bishop has in his mouth upon defeat are a reference to both Looney Tunes and Tom And Jerry cartoons, when a character gets a piano dropped on them, their teeth become piano keys or have piano keys stuck in them for comedic effect.
  • His variant of the soundtrack features a Spanish guitar, which may refer to the prominence of Catholicism in medieval Spain.
  • He bears similarities to Beaker from The Muppets, mainly in his elongated head and nose, his large eyes, and flap-like mouth, as well as his attacks using smoking incense burners and blue face may also be inspired by The Caterpillar from Disney's 1951 Alice in Wonderland.
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