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Telephone, multiple episodes

Telephone is a minor character in The Cuphead Show!. He is known for having his soul extracted everytime he is significant in a scene.


Telephone has the appearance of a classic brown telephone with gold accents. His microphone takes the form of his mouth below two eyes, with two golden rings surrounding the back of his face. Telephone is tall and thin, and has a curvy base with a gold bottom. Due to his absence of legs, he must hop to navigate. The lower portion of his back reveals a black cord extending toward the earpiece, which is held by two golden clips from his shoulders. Much like his torso, his arms are long and thin, but darker. He wears white 1930's rubber hose style gloves with 3 stripe markings.


Telephone is quite eager and joyful, despite having a somewhat flat tone in his voice. He seems to always be up for a challenge, especially when it comes to competitions. He gets overjoyed when winning. However, he is defenseless against dangers, which has resulted in him losing his soul three times.


  • Telephone appears to be loosely modeled after the anthropomorphic telephone Mickey Mouse interacts with in the 1936 animated short Thru the Mirror.