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Target Duck is a duck that appears in Carnival Kerfuffle. He is one of Beppi The Clown’s minions.


Target Duck looks like a typical cartoon duck without feet. They are usually yellow(unless parryable), and they have black and white targets on them.


Target Duck only appears in the first phase of Carnival Kerfuffle. They spawn on the top right of the screen and traverse to the other side of the screen whilst bobbing up and down. If the player(s) were to shoot at one, the target duck would start spinning out of control for the rest of it's journey and will no longer deal damage to the player(s). If the Target Duck is pink, it can be parried, which also results in it spinning.

On Normal/Expert mode some Target Ducks hold a light-bulb that they can drop when the player(s) walk under them or if they get shot at. This is purely exclusive to the yellow ducks.



  • If one were to look closely, the first bounce is done within a shorter distance.
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