Cuphead Wiki

[Cuphead kicks a pinecone, and he has hands in his pockets]

Cuphead: Stupid self control and not having any...

[As he walks, a giant peppermint rolls as past him and he stops and looks at it]

Baroness Van Bon Bon: Didn't you hear the song?

Baroness Van Bon Bon: It's Sugarland.

[Baroness Van Bon Bon jumps out of the castle]

Baroness Van Bon Bon: My name is Baroness Van Bon Bon!

Baroness Van Bon Bon: And today is your lucky day! You get to eat of all the sweet treat you desire.

Cuphead: And...goodbye. [He walks away]

Baroness Van Bon Bon: Wait, where are you going? I offered you all the sweet treat you desired. Ain't you gonna eat my sweets?

Cuphead: I don't think so lady. I've read the fairy tales. I eat your candy, I end up in an oven. You just wanna eat me.

Cuphead: The Baroness!

Mugman: Hmm. She doesn't seem so creepy.

[Baroness Van Bon Bon laughs wickedly]

Mugman: Oh. Yeah I see it now.

Cuphead: Let me guess. You're gonna eat us after all?

Baroness Van Bon Bon: Blech! For the last time, I don't eat disgusting children. Only sweet treats.

( The brothers sighed in relief thinking they were in the clear. But then Mugman heard a sound and looked at Cuphead.)

Mugman: Cuphead?! What happened to you’re straw?!

(Cuphead looked up to see that his straw turned into a gummy straw)

Cuphead: My straw!(Then his arms turned into gummy) My arms! Mugman!! Help me!!!! Mugman?

( Mugman had his back turned as he turns into a gingerbread man)

Mugman: Don’t look at me. I said: Don’t look at me!!!!!

(By this time Cuphead turned into a complete gummy cup and the both screamed in horror at the sight of each other)

Baroness Van Bon Bon: (chuckles) Now you’re Delicious!!!!

(The baroness makes a monster face giving the bros a jump scare. Then that’s when the chaos started as The Baroness laughs evilly as her Candy castle starts to transform. Its yellow eyes opened as the bar gates became teeth. Then both sides candy castle grew arms and like a tiger it started crawling towards its prey)

Whippet Creampup: (Roaring)

(The cup bros scream with fear as they ran (or hoped) for their lives while dodging the candy monster big arms that was trying to squash them.)

(The chase was on as we see our 2 heroes running away from the witch princess and her monster castle who was shaking her fist at them similar to the Cuphead video game boss Baroness Van Bon Bon, suddenly Cuphead spotted something.)

Gummybear Cuphead: Hey look! it’s the way out!

(It shows that the exit over yonder, then the big peppermint from the beginning of the episode came rolling beside the monster castle and roll besides the brothers)

Gummybear Cuphead: I got an idea!

(Then Cuphead pushed Mugman on to the peppermint, then he got on himself sticking to peppermint)

Gingerbread Mugman: We’re getting out of here!

Gummybear Cuphead: (Laughs at his enemies and taunted them with a blow raspberry.)

(The bros rolled away on the peppermint laughing at the losers (AKA the baroness and its stupid castle) thinking they get away but just as they reached the door, they get stuck and fell down. They were a bit dazed at first but then they collected themselves. Then Cuphead starts to hop to the door.)

Gummybear Cuphead: We’re going to make it! C’mon Mugsy! (Realizing his brother wasn’t behind him) Mugsy?

( Mugman is seen trying to get up but couldn’t)

Gingerbread Mugman:(Dramatically) Cuphead leave me. Save yourself.

Gummybear Cuphead: (Thinking he was serious) Oh ok. (Then starts running towards the exit.)

Gingerbread Mugman: (Shocked at this) CUPHEAD!!!!!!!

Gummybear Cuphead: Alright, Alright I’m coming back.

(Suddenly he heard a roar and evil laughing it The Baroness with her castle coming at lightning speed)

Baroness Van Bon Bon: I’m coming to get you boys! (laughing some more)

Gummybear Cuphead: Quick grab my hand! (Holds out his gummy hands for his brother to grab. But he can’t reach)

Gingerbread Mugman: I can’t reach.

(The Princess and her pet are getting closer.)

Gummybear Cuphead: Almost there! (Pushing his brother up.)

Gingerbread Mugman: It's working! (Falls face first.)

Gummybear Cuphead: Aw nuts.

(The baroness laughs evilly as her monster castle jumps high in the air. Cuphead finally got his brother and saw the monster castle coming towards them and shriek with horror. They ran as fast they can and before they reached the door the monster cake landed with a loud thud, creating a wave of icing which carries the bros helping them escape. Both the princess and the monster were sad that they got away.)

Baroness Van Bon Bon: Aw licorice sticks! They escaped! (groans loudly) They look so tasty. But they'll be back They always come back. (Chuckles evilly)

(It appears nighttime when the bros were carried by the wave of icing all the way to their home)

Gummy Bear Cuphead: Ha, we sure showed her!

Gingerbread Mugman: Except were still candy.

Gummy bear Cuphead: Oh right. Eh I ain't too worried about now that the Baroness is gone, we don't have to worry about being eaten.