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Sweet Temptation is the fifth episode of season 2 of The Cuphead Show! and the seventeenth overall.


Cuphead's self-control is put to the test when he discovers a sugary dreamland where he can eat all the sweets he wants - with a catch.


Cuphead and Mugman go into their room after Cuphead apologizes for ruining and hurting Mugman's posterior with a lit firecracker. Mugman thinks they deserve a treat for their troubles, and tells Cuphead to look away as he takes out his saved Halloween candy. Cuphead turns around and sees the candy, and is in shock. After Mugman leaves the room to eat his one piece of candy using a fork and knife, Cuphead ravenously devours all of his brother's candy. Mugman goes back into their room, catches Cuphead in the act, and in immense anger, throws Cuphead out of the house and tells him not to return until he learn to control himself.

Cuphead walks through a forest, sulking about the previous events when he spots a giant rolling peppermint, and is entranced by it, blindly following it into a hole in a tree that leads to Sugarland; a land completely made up of sugary sweets and candy. He then meets The Baroness, who then invites him to eat all the sweet treats he desires. Cuphead initially is turned off due to him believing she is trying to trick him so she can eat him, but The Baroness convinces him otherwise, stating she only eats "sweet treats". Cuphead then calls out her overly eccentric behavior, to which Baroness answers that she doesn't get out much and is in fact bound to Sugarland due to an ancient curse. Unfazed, Cuphead questions why anyone would want to leave. She then gives Cuphead two rules to follow; One is do not tell anyone else about Sugarland, and two, do not eat any part of her candy castle, not even a teensy-weensy bite. Cuphead claims that he has no reason to eat her castle, and though he is nearly tempted in doing so by Baroness' insistence on it being "irresistible", he stops himself and decides to leave Sugarland through the hole in the tree.

After having realized he controlled himself, he gets excited, and decides to go to Mugman. He tells Mugman that he had learned self-control, but sees that Mugman is still mad about the fact that he has no candy. To make it up to him, Cuphead tells him about Sugarland, despite his unsettlement towards The Baroness. After the two go to through the hole in tree and have fun eating everything, Mugman gets carried away and eats a part of The Baroness' castle. The Baroness then gleefully reminds them of the rules each of them broke. Cuphead once again assumes she'll eat them after all, but she reaffirms that she doesn't eat "disgusting" children and only sweets, much to their relief. However, their relief is short lived as the boys then turn into candy themselves; Cuphead into a gummy bear and Mugman into a gingerbread man. Now that they were "delicious", Baroness is able to eat them, and gives chase on top of her newly-sentient candy castle.

During the chase, Cuphead spots the giant rolling peppermint from before, and the two brothers stick themselves onto it due to them now being candy. As they reach the hole in the tree, they both hit the sides of the tree's hole, and Mugman cannot get up due to being a flat and stiff cookie. Cuphead tries helping him get up, and barely escape Sugarland, thanks to a splash of frosting from Whippet's landing beside them. Baroness is disappointed at the loss, but states "they'll be back," and that "they always come back" while laughing sinisterly.

They are relieved upon returning home, with Cuphead unfazed by the fact that he and Mugman are still candy and is just happy that nobody will eat them. Elder Kettle then spots them in their room, and attempts to eat them off-screen.

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  • The end of the episode is similar to Ghosts Ain't Real! as both end with Cuphead and Mugman escaping someone only for Elder Kettle to start doing more harm to them.
  • It's unknown how Cuphead and Mugman revert back to their old selves in the next episodes. It is possible that the candy effects simply wore off overtime, though it is still unclear.
  • When The Candy Castle is chasing Cuphead and Mugman, one shot bares a resemblance to the gameplay.
  • A rather obscure notice but Mugman can be heard humming while Cuphead is eating the candy.
  • This is one of the Halloween episodes in The Cuphead Show, the other being Dead Broke. Unlike Dead broke, the only Halloween related objects seen in this episode are Candy, and a candy pumpkin bucket.
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