Cuphead Wiki

Mugman: Cuphead, save me!

Cuphead: Mugman! Elder Kettle! Help! No!

Devil: Remember me?

Cuphead: Y-Yes. I think of you often, goat from the front yard.

Devil: Your soul is mine!

Cuphead: I ain't too worried about it!

Mugman: You had the dream again, didn't you?

Cuphead: It's nothing. The Devil probably has a huge operation to run. He's not worried about little old me...

Mugman: That's it! Let's go!

Cuphead: Where? It's the middle of the night!

Mugman: We're dealing with this Devil thing once and for all! Come on!

Cuphead: This is crazy! What do we...

Mugman: Trust me Cuphead. This one time, can you just trust me?

Demon: If you'd step over here, sir. This is the Gluttony Department. Our reports have shown an 89% increase in global overeating.

Devil: Oh! How delicious! Oh! What's over there?

Demon: Team Famine, sir. Not only is famine on a global upswing, but we've branched out into hunger-induced rage. Projected numbers are through the roof!

Devil: Wonderful! Did you know about this? So this is where we do war!

Demon: Three new wars are being waged with catastrophic results on both sides.

Demon: We're breaking all previous records.

Devil: That is amazing! Oh, I'm impressed with how fantastically I'm running this whole operation. In fact, I think I deserve a celebration! Attention, everyone. We're having our most productive year in a millennia. All thanks to my hard work and dedication...

Demon: What's he talking about?

Demon: I don't know, but we haven't had a break in 3,000 years, so go with it.

Devil: So, let's all raise a glass to me!

Green demon: Um... excuse me!

Henchman: Oh, not this guy.

Green demon: Um, according to the ledger, there is one outstanding soul in need of collection. It is a cup. He played Soul Ball. He was on Roll the Dice. As of today's date, his soul remains uncollected.

Devil: Thank you, Stickler, our very diligent auditor. But I'm sure it's just a clerical error, everyone.

Stickler: Doubtful. As you...

Devil: Let's get that music going!

Stickler: Ahem, excuse me! Excuse me!

Cuphead: Mugman, where are you taking me?

Mugman: You'll see.

Cuphead: Is that my sour fizzy jawbreaker? Hey! Aw, man! I was working on that for months!

Mugman: I'm sorry, Cuphead, but I gotta make the water fizz so he'll appear.

Cuphead: So who will appear?

Quadratus: When in doubt, young man of mug, give your brother one last hug.

Cuphead: What was that?

Mugman: A sage advisor, rumored to know all.

Quadratus: I am Quadratus, the great and wise! Come closer, young ones, so I may advise.

Mugman: We come seeking your wisely wisdom.

Quadratus: Protection is your mugly goal, for the Devil seeks his cuply soul. But fear not, for there is one way to save his soul and keep the Devil at bay. A sweater, knit with invisible fur from a long-extinct creature, will deter. Uh, basically, the sweater is impenetrable to the Devil, so...

Cuphead: Uh, you stopped rhyming.

Quadratus: Eh. It gets old. If you're wearing it, he cannot collect your soul. Now, where is that...? Ah-ha! Here it is! This is the last ball of invisible yarn! Take it, Mugman! And you must knit the sweater.

Mugman: Wait. Why do I gotta do all the work?

Quadratus: The sweater is only effective if it's made with brotherly love.

Mugman: Well, looks like I'm knitting an invisible sweater, then.

Cuphead: Gee! Thanks, Mugsy! You're the best brother a cup could ever have!

Quadratus: Oh, how sweet. Now get knitting!

Devil: Oh! Deviled eggs! You know, I invented these.

Stickler: Excuse me!

Devil: There goes my appetite. Oh, games! Anyone up for a round of darts?

Stickler: Excuse me, please.

Devil: FINE!! Attention, everyone. I have a teensy-weensy thing to take care of. Don't stop the party. I'll only be a minute.

Henchman: Uh, nice work, Stickler.

Stickler: I will not apologize for doing my job.

Mugman: There! All finished. Okay, Cuphead. Put it on.

Cuphead: Urgh! Yuck! It stinks!

Mugman: You heard Quadratus. It's the only thing that'll stop the Devil from taking your soul.

Cuphead: All right. I'll put it on. Oh! I guess it is nice and toasty.

Both: The Dev... *Slap*

Devil: Yeah, yeahyeahyeah. I'm here for the soul. Let's make it snappy. *Zap* Yowch!

Cuphead: Hey, it worked!

Devil: You're wearing an impenetrable, invisible sweater! But how?!

Cuphead: Mugman made it for me. It works on account of our brotherly love.

Devil: Aww... Of course it does.

Cuphead: Now, if you'll excuse us, we'll be on our way home.

Cuphead: AHH!! The Devil!

Mugman: Cuphead. You're wearing a sweater, remember?

Cuphead: Oh, right.

Devil: Yeah, about that. Why don't you save us both some time and take it off?

Cuphead: Fat chance!

Devil: Hmm... Oh! *Whoosh* Take it off, and I'll give you ten bucks!

Cuphead: Oh, boy! Ten bucks!

Mugman: No! Your soul's worth more than ten bucks.

Cuphead: Hey, you're right! Make it 20.

Mugman: You're keeping that sweater on. Now let's go home.

Carnival Man: Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up! See the teapot tentacle lady! Encounter the bearded flamingo! Gawk at the really big squirrel!

Both: *Gasp* Big squirrel?!

Mugman: We gotta see how big it is.

Carnival Man: Right this way, gentlemen!

Mugman: Wait, Cuphead. It says, "No sweaters allowed."

Cuphead: Oh, well, off it goes.

Mugman: Hold it! Something's fishy about this. And I don't like the look of that carny.

Carnival Man: *Evil chuckle*

Mugman: Come on. Let's scram.

Devil: *Growl*

Mugman: *Sniff* Something smells delicious!

Cuphead: Oh, boy! Free hot dogs!

Mugman: Hold on, Cuphead. Look! "One bite of this free hot dog may unleash a plague of sweater-eating demon moths." Something weird is going on! *Stomp* Come on!

Devil: *Growl*

Quadratus: I know I said wear a sweater, but take it off, and that's much better.

Cuphead: You're the boss.

Mugman: Hey! Quadratus doesn't have horns. That's the Devil in disguise! He's been trying to get your sweater off this whole time! Let's go! *Raspberries*

Devil: *Growl*

Mugman: *Panting* Look! We're almost out of the woods!

Devil: *Poof* No, you're not! Now take off that sweater!

Mugman: It's not happening, Devil. Just give up already.

Cuphead: Yeah! You should try transforming into someone who doesn't fail all the time.

Both: *Laugh*

Devil: *Growl*

Cuphead: Phew! So hot.

Devil: Oh! *Evil Laugh* *Inhale* *Growl*

Cuphead: Oh! I'm cooking in here. I gotta take this thing off.

Mugman: No! Keep it on!

Cuphead: I can't! I can't take it!

Quadratus: When in doubt, young man of mug...

Mugman: Give your brother one last hug!

Cuphead: Hey! What are you doing?


Cuphead: AHHH!!

(The Devil launches a blast of fire at Cuphead and Mugman with his pitchfork, but the flames cannot enter a ten-foot-diameter sphere around them. When the flames subside, having scorched various things in their way)


(the dumbfounded Devil screams in a rage that causes him to uncontrollably morph into a bunch of creatures, such as a black Chinese dragon that has multiple pairs of limbs, a bull that spits fire, a draconic monster that resembles the Reaper Bird monster from Undertale, and then an Octopus-like monster.)

Cuphead: We should go.

Mugman: Yeah. Let's.

(Cuphead and Mugman flee as the Devil's body degenerates into a black mass out of which several heads sprout out before they get pulled back in. Eventually, the Devil manages to bring his shapeshifting powers back under his control and morphs back to his normal form.)

Devil: Ugh. I hate those cups. *Poof*

Devil: Well, I got him! Old Scratch did it again. Where's that cake?

Stickler: Um... Where is the soul that has been retrieved? Umm...

Devil: I... put it in the soul vault. With the others.

Stickler: You mean you didn't register it? We have a tracking system in place. Every soul must be officially accounted... *Whoosh* for.

Devil: Oops. I guess the auditor will have to do a full recount.

Stickler: But I'm... the auditor.

Devil: Oh, that's right. Well, don't let us keep you. Bye!

Stickler: Ohh...

Devil: Who still needs cake, huh?

Cuphead: Finally. I can get a good night's rest. Nothing is better than you making me a sweater.

Mugman: I'd make a sweater for no other than my dearest sweet, sweet brother.

Cuphead: Quadratus was right. The rhyming gets old.