Cuphead Wiki

Henchman: Uh, hey, boss, want some leftover congratulations cake? Uh, you look mad for somebody who just got that cup's soul. Congratulations, by the way.

Devil: I didn't actually get his soul yet, okay? I just said that to buy myself some time before Stickler finds out. I hate that guy.

Henchman: Oh! I know what'd make you feel better, boss. The Obliterator! It's a new ride down at the Inkwell Pier. They say it goes so fast, it'll tear the clothes right off of you.

Devil: The only thing that'll make me feel better is getting that cup's soul. He's gotta take that sweater off sometime.

Mugman: You're wearing that sweater forever!

Cuphead: But...

Mugman: No buts. That sweater's the only way the Devil can't get your soul. You can never take it off! Ever!

Cuphead: Eh. I ain't too worried about it.

Devil: Your soul is mine!

Mugman: He's never taking that sweater off!

Cuphead: Yeah. Give it up!

Devil: Never!

Devil: Give it to me!

Devil: Give me...

Devil: your...

Devil: soul!

Announcer: Will the fireproof pants of Dirk Dangerous be enough to save a flaming bank vault full of orphans? Tune in tomorrow for the stunning conclusion of Dirk Dangerous vs. Pyromaniac Pete!

Cuphead: So sweat-inducing!

Mugman: You wanna see something even more sweat-inducing?

Cuphead: Do I?

Mugman: It's a new ride! New, Cuphead, new! Says here it'll go so fast, it'll... something. I dunno. But it's new, Cuphead, new!

Cuphead: Oh! If we go now, we can get there before Elder Kettle wakes up from his nap.

Devil: Hand it over. Oh!

Cuphead: Would you get outta here? Elder Kettle can't see you.

Devil: Who is Elder Ket...

Cuphead: Would you cut that out?! Look, meet me around back.

Devil: Listen, you little shoehorn... Stupid cup making me go around the back. I'm the Devil! Nobody tells me what to...

Cuphead: Do you have any idea how much trouble we'll be in if Elder Kettle sees you here?!

Devil: You already are in trouble! You owe me your soul!

Kettle: Hey! What's with all the noise?!

Cuphead: Uh, nothing. That was just a large cat... man.

Kettle: Well, tell him I'm taking a nap! And another thing. Paint that fence! It looks terrible!

Cuphead: Thanks to your little tantrum, the fence is all burnt up!

Mugman: Yeah! What do you intend to do about that, huh?

Devil: Nothing! I'm the Devil!

Cuphead: Hmm... Tell you what. You paint the fence, I take off the sweater.

Mugman: Cuphead: Are you crazy?

Cuphead: Hold on. Let's see where I go with this. Well, what do you say?

Devil: Let's see. I paint the fence. You take off the sweater. I take your soul. Hmm... Painting the fence. Oh, yes. Oh!

Cuphead: Have you ever actually painted a fence?

Mugman: Looks like you have no idea what you're doing.

Devil: Is that so? Watch this. And on the one, and on the two, here we go.

Cuphead: This line! Hmm, say, Mugsy, hold my spot. I'm gonna go grab us some funnel cake.

Mugman: You don't like funnel cake.

Cuphead: You don't like knitting soul-saving invisible sweaters, but you made me one. The least I can do is buy you some funnel cake. Can I borrow five bucks?

Devil: And that is how you paint a fence! Unbelievable! Where did those two nitwits go?

Cuphead: There was a little powdered-sugar mishap.

Mugman: No problem! I never say no to extra sugar. Let's hope I don't eat any invisible sweater hairs.

Cuphead: You might. If I didn't take it off hours ago.

Mugman: You what?!

Cuphead: I took off the sweater.

Mugman: Well, where is it?!

Cuphead: Hmm... Looks like I don't remember.

Mugman: What happened to "never take it off"?!

Cuphead: Big deal. It's not like the Devil's around or anything. The Devil!

Mugman: Stay calm, Cuphead. He doesn't know you took the sweater off.

Cuphead: Oh, yeah!

Devil: I painted your little fence. Now, off with the sweater. Let's go.

Cuphead: How do we know you painted the fence?

Devil: I don't know. Go look! It's actually quite good.

Cuphead: Fat chance, buddy. We've been waiting in line all day to ride the Obliterator.

Devil: The what now?

Henchman: Hey, boss. It's the Obliterator, remember? It'll tear the clothes right off of you.

Devil: On second thought, I think I'll join you, boys. This ride looks like fun.

Cuphead: That's the spirit!

Mugman: Uh, hey, Cuphead. Maybe you should go back to the cottage? In case you forgot something you took off and need to put back on?

Cuphead: But it's almost time for the ride.

Mugman: I'll go. Always doing everything around here because he took off the sweater.

Cuphead: Hey, Devil. Wanna hear a joke?

Devil: I hear nothing.

Cuphead: What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm in your apple. Get it? 'Cause that would mean you ate the other half? Get it? 'Cause it's only half of it in there? 'Cause you ate the other half?

Devil: Yes! I get it! Thank you!

Cuphead: You know what's worse than finding half a worm in your apple?

Devil: What?

Cuphead: Falling in a sewer. I saw a smile!

Devil: You most certainly did not.

Mugman: Where did he put it?! If I was Cuphead, where would I put an invisible sweater?

Announcer: Attention, Dirk Dangerous fans. Did our last sweat-inducing episode leave you sweatier than ever?

Cuphead: And then the banana says, "Thursday!"

Devil: How delightfully unexpected! You know, Cuphead, you're not so bad after all.

Cuphead: Thanks.

Devil: You're not wearing the sweater!

Cuphead: Uh... Am too!

Devil: Are not!

Mugman: You're right. He's not wearing the sweater. You are!

Devil: Well, that went just as I planned. Yow!

Henchman: Uh, sorry, boss.

Devil: And where is the sweater now?

Henchman: It's hidden away... in an undisclosed location.

Devil: Thank you, Henchman. Perfect. Without the sweater, I can just go and take that cup's soul any time I want! Yow!

Henchman: Uh, sorry, boss.

Cuphead: Wow! What a great day.

Mugman: Except I'm pretty sure the Devil's angrier than ever, and you no longer have the one thing that'll stop him getting your soul.

Cuphead: True. But, hey, I got the best brother in the world looking out for me. Really makes me feel so much less exposed.