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Sweater Luck Next Time is the ninth episode from The Cuphead Show!, it is a continuation of the previous episode, Sweater Off Dead.


The Devil follows the brothers day after day, waiting for Cuphead to take off his sweater so he can collect his soul while the brothers wanted to try out a new amusement ride.


After the party, the Devil is on his throne looking upset and angry from not getting Cuphead's soul, so Henchman tried to convince him about trying a new amusement ride called "The Obliterator", but the Devil preferred getting busy in getting that cup's soul. He goes out again to pull out every attempt in getting Cuphead's soul and repeatedly failing.

Sometime later, Cuphead is getting tired of wearing the sweater but the brothers heard about a new carnival ride called "The Obliterator" so the cups went out, but the Devil returned with one thing in mind, the soul. The cups are getting frustrated with the Devil and are trying to convince him to leave their house before Elder Kettle sees him, but the Devil woke up the Kettle and the cups ended up having to paint the fence again because the Devil burned it, so Cuphead made a deal with the devil that he will take off the sweater if he painted their fence. So the Devil painted their fence only to become disappointed that the cups missed his great performance by going out to try The Obliterator.

The cups are waiting in line for a ride while having a snack, but Mugman realized that Cuphead took of his sweater. The Devil came back angry at them for missing the show while the cups hope that the Devil doesn't know Cuphead is not wearing the sweater. The Devil convinces Cuphead to take off the sweater, but Cuphead is busy waiting for The Obliterator but the Devil realized it can be a part of the plan to take off Cuphead's sweater and Mugman heads back home to retrieve the sweater.

While waiting for a ride in The Obliterator, Cuphead gave the Devil a good time by telling him jokes. But the Devil realized Cuphead is not wearing the sweater and gave it a shot in finally getting a hold of his soul until Mugman returned with the sweater and saved Cuphead by putting it on the Devil. The cups are now finally having a ride of The Obliterator while the Devil gets electrocuted.

After the ride, the boys head back home while the Devil returned to Inkwell Hell now satisfied that he finally took away their sweater forever while having cost some of his demon fur.

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  • It is revealed that the Devil has an interest in painting.
  • This episode's name comes from a pun on "better luck next time" and "sweater".
  • In the first episode, the Devil terrified everyone by appearing out of nowhere. Curiously, in this episode, he spends the whole day at the carnival and nobody there seems to find anything strange about it.
  • In the Hall of The Mountain King by Edvard Grieg is heard in the background of when the Devil paints the fence in his own way while Cuphead and Mugman quietly make their escape.
  • The Obliterator ride shown on the newspaper ad resembles Beppi the Clown's form in the final phase of his battle in the game.
  • Noticeably, every time the Devil tries to take Cuphead's soul, it's when Cuphead would have realistically removed the impenetrable sweater, such as at the beach, while playing with the garden hose, in bed, and while clothes shopping.
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