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Super Arts are extremely powerful attacks unlocked one by one upon rescuing the Legendary Chalice from each Mausoleum.

They can only be activated once the player has filled their super meter with 5 cards through parrying objects or damaging enemies. There are only three, and only two of them are really attacks. Ms. Chalice has her own set of Super Arts.


Name Description Image Type
Cuphead and Mugman's Super Arts
Energy Beam A devastating attack spills from your head. Horizontal only (ground or air). Super Beam Super Art I
Invincibility Cross the astral plane to become invulnerable for a short time. Cuphead Invinsibility Super Art II
Giant Ghost Maneuver your spirit and body simultaneously for maximum damage. Cuphead super3 Super Art III
Bomb Morph You can transform into a giant bomb that explodes either on impact or if the duration timer runs out. After exploding, you'll be invulnerable for 3 seconds. CupBomb Aeroplane
Ms. Chalice's Super Arts
Spiral Pillar A vertical version of the Energy Beam. Spiral Pillar Super Art I
Shield Pal Summons a familiar that will take one extra hit for you. Shieldpal Super Art II
Ghostly Barrage Unleashes Ms. Chalice's ancient form and launches a spectral volley. Chalicesuperiii Super Art III
Missile Morph You can transform into a giant missile that flies forward automatically. You can only steer her up and down. After exploding, you'll be invulnerable for 3 seconds. Chaliceplanesuperintro Aeroplane



  • It is possible to parry while using the first Super Art (Unless you are using P-Sugar).
  • The second Super Art for Cuphead and Mugman also acts as a double jump as they both jump after its activation.
  • With the third super art, By holding the lock button, the player will stand in place while being able to move the ghost around.
  • It is likely that the name 'Super Arts' was inspired from the Street Fighter series.
  • Unlike the EX attacks, the Super Arts are unaffected by the damage reduction when using either of the heart charms.
  • Initially there was only one Super Art, which was Cuphead or Mugman turning their straw into an attack. It seemed to of been reworked into the final version of Super Art I.
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