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Sugarland Shimmy is a level on Inkwell Isle Two, where the fight with Baroness Von Bon Bon takes place. It is represented on the map by a muffin-shaped building. This is one of the three initially available levels on the isle along with Pyramid Peril and Carnival Kerfuffle. Once you defeat Sugarland Shimmy, you unlock Funfair Fever, Fiery Frolic (Technically), Aviary Action!, and an NPC that looks like a cookie.

The level is set in a candy world, with lollipops and massive cakes. Whippet Creampup (Baroness' castle) stays constantly on the right, from where she sends her minions from. Once you reach the final phase of the fight the castle will start moving, chasing the player through the sugarland.


  • During the last phase, parry Pasty Menthol (the peppermint the castle shoots out) to gain more cards for the EX-Move.
  • Roundabout - Lord Gob Packer, Kernel Von Pop, Sir Waffington III, Sargent Gumbo Gumbull, Baroness Von Bon Bon
  • Chaser - Kernel Von Pop, Lord Gob Packer, Sir Waffington III, Muffsky Chernikov, Baroness Von Bon Bon


Before the battle begins, Baroness Von Bon Bon will be standing in front of Whippet, with a giant candy cane. She will proceed to use her finger to chop her head off (foreshadowing the final phase), then she will be pulled into her castle will the candy cane.

This battle is very unique, because the first three phases are random. There are multiple mini-bosses that she will send out. The mini-bosses in this level are Kernel Von Pop, Sir Waffington III, Lord Gob Packer, Sargent Gumbo Gumbull and Muffsky Chernikov. In Simple mode, you will not encounter Muffsky.


"How's the jaw, ol' chum?"
Lord Gob Packer, Death screen

Lord Gob Packer is a giant jawbreaker, which will chase you around the map along with a tiny jawbreaker.

It is recommended to use the Roundabout or Chaser, because you are always running away from Lord Gob Packer. It is also recommended to run around in circles by using the given platform. If you ever get in any trouble, if you have the Smoke Bomb charm equipped, you are able to dash through Lord Gob Packer.

Once you defeat Lord Gob Packer, he will stop, then crack into pieces. He cracks layer by layer, then revealing his head, which has cross eyes and a halo on top. He will then fly to the top of the screen. This animation is very long, so you have some time to take a break after you finish him.


"For me, a sweet tooth is fiendishly uncouth!"
Kernel Von Pop, Death screen

Kernel Von Pop is a giant candy corn. He will go in an 8 like pattern, while sending out mini candy corns that will fly up to the top of the screen.

It is recommended to dash or jump when he gets too close, and to stay away from him while he is airborne.

Once you defeat Kernel Von Pop, he will fly up with his teeth being crooked. He will look crazy, and his layers will jump off then back on.


"I chew 'em up and spit 'em out."
Sergent Gumbo Gumbull, Death screen

Sergent Gumbo Gumbull is a gumball machine that will run around the map. Occasionally, he will spit out gumballs everywhere, which rain down onto the players. This is actually the easiest of the phases, so do not panic.

It is recommended to try to get close to him and use your Roundabout. Focus on the gumballs and dodge them, left and right. If you have the Smoke Bomb charm equipped, you are able to dash through him. You may use this if needed.

Once you defeat the Sergent, his head will explode and he will run away.


"Straight off the iron and too hot to handle!"
Sir Waffington III, Death screen

Sir Waffington III is a giant waffle with a butter hat and syrup wings. He will fly around the screen, and occasionally split himself apart, hurting the player.

It is recommended to use the Chaser to get Sir Waffington III. Try to keep distance from it as much as possible, but do not get too close to the castle. In case it gets too close, expect it is disassembling to find a way to dodge. When she splits, the hitbox is divided into nine parts and you can deal incredible damage with Converge.

Once you have done enough damage, Sir Waffington III will once again disassemble, but this time, it does not hurt you.


"Delicious and vicious, while maliciously nutritious."
Muffsky Chernikov, Death screen

This mini-boss does not appear in Simple Mode

Muffsky Chernikov is a giant cupcake. He will bounce around the map, and when he lands, little waves of icing will come out of him. Muffsky Chernikov is the hardest mini boss out of the five, explaining why he is not played on Simple Mode.

It is recommended to dash through him when he is about to land near you. Beware of his splash damage. Note that you need to dash away quickly before his third bounce instead of sitting there waiting for it to land, as its skill of bouncing from walls is more powerful than Goopy Le Grande's.

Once you have done enough damage, Muffsky will look up at his cherry, which now has eyes. He will start melting while his arms and legs are failing, then the cherry will explode, exploding Muffsky in the process.

During the fight, you will only have to fight three of these mini-bosses (which count as three phases), but beware, since there are slight changes between these phases. During the first phase, you just fight the mini boss. During the second phase, you fight the mini boss while little Jelly Bullies run across the bottom. During the third phase, you fight the mini boss, little Jelly Bullies will run across the bottom, and Baroness Von Bon Bon will start to shoot cotton candy at you, which come in trios. If you are on Expert Mode, then the Jelly Bullies will also appear during the first phase. Note that you can parry some of the Jelly Bullies and the pink cotton candy that she shoots in phase three. You can also shoot the Jelly Bullies while crouching for your own sake.


Phase four has Baroness Von Bon Bon order her castle to chase after Cuphead and Mugman. She will throw her head over to the player while it happens. During this, peppermint will roll out from the castle, which can be parried.

During this phase, use the platform to your advantage to dodge the head and parry the peppermint to fill up your super meter or give you more movement.

After dealing enough damage, Baroness Von Bon Bon is defeated and she cries while her castle pounds its fists on the ground. Note that you can only actually damage her by shooting her body, so it is best to use the Chaser for this phase.

However, this phase is very different in Simple mode, since Baroness Von Bon Bon would just shoot cotton candy at you instead of ordering her Castle. As they can be easily destroyed, just keep shooting, stay off the ground as you do not have to deal with the Jelly Bullies Squad.


Regular Mode Expert Mode


Version Soundtrack
Original/In-game soundtrack Sugarland_Shimmy
Death screen soundtrack Cuphead_-_"Sugarland_Shimmy"_Game_Over_Screen_Version



  • This is one of the few levels to not have different sounding music.
  • Baroness Von Bon Bon is the only boss that has all the phases in simple mode.

Inspirations and Similarities[]

  • Sugarland Shimmy has many homages to classic candy levels from video games such as Mickey's Castle of Illusion and Kirby's Dreamland. The imagery is based on cartoons like Van Beuren's Candy Land and Columbia's Bon Bon Parade, which was a major influence on the way the candy was rendered in the game.[1]


  1. The Art of Cuphead, Sugarland Shimmy Background, page 94
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