Cuphead Wiki

StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc. (commonly referred to as StudioMDHR (shorthand for Studio MolDenHaueR)) is a Canadian video game company founded by two brothers: Chad & Jared Moldenhauer, and are responsible for their first game, Cuphead.


Studio MDHR has 19 people on their team so far:

  • Lead Game Designer: Jared Moldenhauer
  • Art Director: Chad Moldenhauer
  • Animators: Hanna Abi-Hanna, Jake Clark, Joseph Coleman, Tina Nawrocki, Thomas "Smo" Smolenski
  • Assistant Animator: Danielle Johnson
  • Inker: Marija Moldenhauer
  • Digital Painter: Tyler Moldenhauer
  • Lead Developer: Eric Billingsley
  • Developers: Kezia Adamo, Tony Coculuzzi
  • Hand-Lettering Artist: Warren Clark
  • Font Guru: Mark Simonson
  • Composer: Kristopher Maddigan
  • Painters: Caitlin Russell, Ali Morbi
  • Director of Experience: Ryan Moldenhauer