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The Squid is an enemy found in the Shootin N' Lootin level of Inkwell Isle Three.


The Squid is a purple squid, with the first two tentacles acting as hands. It has white teeth, large black pie-cut eyes with yellow scleras, and seven tentacles in total. It holds a container of ink and an ink brush in two of its tentacle-like hands.


The Squid is summoned by Captain Brineybeard during the second and third phases.

It pops up from beneath the dock and flings ink blobs around sporadically. While the ink blobs and it itself do not damage the player(s), the ink blobs will darken the screen if the player(s) are hit by the ink blobs, it will darken the screen three times and additional ink blobs will increase the duration of the effect. It can be defeated and will leave with a sad expression and a plaster on its head, though it can be summoned again later on.


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