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"Get lost! You hear me? This tomb is only for the eerie!"
Spectre Syndicate, Mausoleum I

The Spectre Syndicate are enemies only found in the Mausoleums that are found in all of the isle of the game, excluding Inkwell Hell and Inkwell Isle Four.


The Spectre Syndicate are pink ghosts with empty eye sockets. The normal ones have a small tail and arms.

The old ones have light blue eyebrows and mustache and wear a small blue bowler hat with an azure stripe.

The female ones have a more blank sheet design. They have no limbs, ​​​​​​a wave pattern design at the end of their bodies, magenta lipstick, small eyelashes and a white bow on top of their heads.

The big ones have actual eyes, a big nose, visible teeth that are spaced out and wear a blue top hat with an azure stripe.


They will appear off-screen, trying to reach the urn in the middle of the level. They can't hurt the player(s), but if one of them manages to the get to the urn, they'll lose. The only way to defeat them is to parry them, but each of them has a different tactic:

  • The Normal Ghosts will simply move slowly towards the urn.
  • The Grandpa Ghosts are a bit faster at getting to the urn.
  • The Female Ghosts will spin around, trying to reach the urn in a spiral pattern.
  • The Big Ghosts are much slower, but parrying them will cause them to split into two regular ghosts that are slightly smaller.

Related Quotes[]

"Get lost! You hear me? This tomb is only for the eerie!"
Spectre Syndicate, Mausoleum I

"Yet another spooktacular performance from the Spectre Syndicate."
Spectre Syndicate, Mausoleum II

"Is success achievable? Not when we are this un-boo-lievable!"
Spectre Syndicate, Mausoleum III


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