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Spectral Rats are fought in the Murine Corps boss level of Inkwell Isle Three.


The Spectral Rats wear cartoonish, 1930s-style prison uniforms and broken chains around their hands. They also sport a reddish-pink dot nose with shaggy whiskers, a grey, jagged beard and have holes for eyes.

When defeated, the Rats start to look shocked, and then they curl-up into a ball, start shrinking, and then fully disappears.


The Rats get summoned when the Katzenwagen's mouth turns into a jail cell, which makes the Spectral Rats fly out of the cell in a group. After all of the Rats fly out of the jail cell, they will start doing their attacks. When there are less than the full amount of Spectral Rats is on screen, Katzenwagen can replenish them by summoning them again.

The Spectral Rats will conjure a pink ball and throw it at the player. This ball will release two smaller balls travelling quickly along the ground upon exploding, they are pink as well. Fortunately, to prevent this from happening, parrying the ball will destroy it and thus the attack will stop, with this being true for the balls travelling on the ground as well.. In Expert mode, there will be four Spectral Rats and the ball might not be pink all the time (being blue instead) so you can't prevent it from splitting. The Spectral Rats can be defeated. Hitpoints = 34/30



  • Since the Katzenwagen is only a machine controlled by Werner Werman but the Spectral Rats are real. This could imply that the Spectral Rats could have been killed by Werner Werman or Katzenwagen.
  • The projectiles that the Spectral Rats throw resemble Cuppet’s bullets.