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Special Delivery is the seventh episode of Season 3 of The Cuphead Show!


Jerry, a shady slim and tall figure, creeps into Porkrind's store to request a delivery by sundown to Ribby and Croaks. As Jerry puts the package on the counter, a baseball crashes in through the window and knocks him out. Cuphead, Mugman and Ms. Chalice peek out from a nearby bush, hoping that Porkrind wouldn't notice. It turns out that Porkrind DID notice, and negotiates with the three by telling them to deliver Jerry's package by sundown to get the ball back. He gives all three of them disguises - Cuphead is a secret assassin with an eyepatch, Ms. Chalice is a "handyman" who is also a secret assassin and Mugman is a dancer.

The three of them leave Porkrind and peek inside the package, which turn out to be sparkling shoes. Ms. Chalice and Mugman are hypnotized by them, so Cuphead quickly shuts the box. As they approach Ribby and Croaks, Ms. Chalice tries to come up with a plan. She approaches them with a makeshift proposal to fix their jukebox, which Croaks agrees to, taking her inside the boat for free. Back at Porkrind's, Jerry wakes up and tells Porkrind that the package contains exploding shoes, which will detonate at sundown. Porkrind brushes it off as "not his problem" before going back to reading his book.

Mugman and Cuphead fight over who delivers the package. It ends up flying near Ribby, who gets angry. Mugman approaches and asks for the package back, but Cuphead returns it to Ribby. Mugman steals the package out of Ribby's hands, which results in a wild goose chase where Mugman, Cuphead and Ms. Chalice fight while running away from Ribby and Croaks. They end up crashing into each other in front of Ribby, who catches the package. Croaks comes out and says that Ribby received the exploding shoes he sent him, which they almost start fighting about, before rejecting the package and giving it back to the three.

Back at Porkrind's, Porkrind is stressing out that the three will explode with the shoes soon, so he rushes out to try and find them. As he exits, they are standing right there with the package. Porkrind snatches the package before returning their baseball, and asking them to leave. Just as he shuts the door, the shoes explode and bring down his entire store, which The Devil witnesses. Shortly after this happens, Cuphead, Mugman and Ms. Chalice are seen walking home. The Devil recognises Ms. Chalice and laughs in mischief as the episode ends.





  • This episode was originally the Season 2 finale, due to the reveal that the Devil knows Ms. Chalice.
  • The episode was originally called "The Exploding Shoes".
  • This is the first and currently only episode in which the Devil appears without Henchman. Although, he was originally going to appear.
  • Storyboard artwork by Jared Morgan reveals several bits that were cut from the episode. Originally:
    • A brief look on Cuphead, Mugman, and Chalice's baseball game can be found in the script bit of the deleted scene on Deeki Deke's Twitter, which was the scrapped opening of the episode.
    • There was a subplot in which Ribs falls in love with "Tallulah".
    • Porkrind had a much more intense freakout.
    • At the end of the episode, part of the bathroom's celling was going to fall on the Devil's head before it collapsed. Additionally, Henchman was also in the bathroom, before the Devil kicked him out. This was likely cut in light of the suspenseful reveal.
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